do i need a motorbike licence to rent a dirtbike in cambodia

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  1. me and 2 friends are going to rent motorbikes in cambodia i have a full bike licence my friend has a cbt and a provisional and my other friend has a full car liscence but no cbt, all english licences of course. does anybody know if this will effect us renting a 250cc bike each

  2. Don't think you do. do you need to give your passport in.
  3. Do you need a motorbike licence to hire a motorbike in Cambodia? No, the rental place will probably make you leave your passport to ensure you retrun the bike and pay for any damage (real or imagined) - but you need one to ride it...

    Do you need a motorbike licence to ride a motorbike in Cambodia? No - you need to be able to operate a motorbike... but...

    Not sure if they are still confiscating bikes from tourists (they were in Sihanoukville at one time)... you may be stopped and made to pay an 'on the spot (tea money) fine...

    Importantly, many travel insurance policies don't cover you if you have an accident and aren't licenced to ride a motorbike in your home country... being airlifted to Bangkok and treated in an ICU there could be very expensive...

    Understand the risks and make your choice :) .

  4. thanks for the help. at least we know that we can get them. having an accident though we dont plan on doing. i hope
  5. As of late, the police here have been enforcing helmet wearing, mirrors, and recently, licences.

    You can use a service, or apply for a licence yourself for 25usd, they will give you a pink slip that serves as your licence untill your card one is made up, photocopy of your current licence and two passport photos are required, but if you plans take you remote, I wouldnt bother.

    Like the other reply, make sure you are covered!

    Medivac is costly!

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