Does anyone know a good KTM mechanic??

Discussion in 'Technical' started by harrythefinn, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. I need to find an experienced KTM mechanic Thai/Western. Looking at a complete engine strip down and rebuild on a 525. Have the parts books etc and can get parts but not familiar with the KTM's peculiarities and lack of time.Thanks.
  2. Sorry, Harry, all I know is a mechanic who told me you never need to work on a KTM...
  3. I always thought that KTM stood for "Kick Til Monday". This one has an electric leg , but could still do with an expert.
  4. Siam Racing (Pattaya) sells and presumably repairs them. I met the British owner while on my bike hunt, and he was very pleasant and helpful, though I have made no use of their actual facilities.

    The link is: ... erms=DR650
  5. I beginning to think KTM stands for Kan't Take Much.

    Harry i just did a top end (piston, rings, etc) and new valves on my 525 about 1000 miles ago and its no different really than any other Jap bike other than having to break the timing chain.

    I'll let you know about the lower end as we're about to dive in as its making noises it shouldn't.

    The mechanics at Soms Dirt shop in Pattaya has raced KTMs for awhile but i can't vouch for their capabilitties.

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