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Doi Ang Khang - Ban Yang Flash Flood

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by DavidFL, Oct 9, 2006.



    CHIANG MAI, Oct 9 (TNA) - Five villagers were killed and two have gone missing, after being swept away by a flash flood that hit several villages in this northern province following heavy rain, bringing the latest death toll to 37.

    Officials have helped villagers living around Ang Khang hill to evacuate to higher ground after 10 villages in Fang district were flooded last night.

    Assistant Governor Chumporn Saengmanee said four houses and property were damaged. Rescue workers are searching for missing persons. Vehicles are unable to access Doi Ang Khang because a bridge was taken out in the flood.

    Local disaster prevention and mitigation chief Prachon Pratchayasakun said that the floodwaters had receded and officials are conducting damage evaluation.

    The rainfall, measured at 149 mm, added to an already difficult flood situation in the north, and contributed new volumes of water moving south to the capital.

    The director of the Doi Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Research Station said hotels and tourist sites on the mountaintop were undamaged but the project warehouse some 25 kilometers distant was destroyed in the flood and one official is missing.

    Floods have affected 43 provinces in Thailand's North, Northeast and Central regions between August 27 and Sunday (October 8). Total damage is estimated at some Bt225 million. (TNA)-E004

    Doi Ang Khang, one of the North great rides & most spectacular scenery. Sounds like the bottom of Route 1249 before it soars up into the mountains. Could be worth a look see in the next few days. Anyone interested?

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  2. [​IMG]
    Just back from Fang / DAK and can say that the situation there has been serious and is located south of Fang & R1249 the Doi Ang Khang Road.




    The flash floods look remarkably similar to the one in Pai a year ago ... -t871.html
    (where a stream goes through the village & it gets a bit overloaded with volume of water & rubble, trees / rocks, coming down the mountain at a fast pace), but perhaps not quite as severe or as devasting.


    If you want to go & have a look the village where the main damage is, is called Ban Yang by the locals, but it sometimes shown as Mai Bong Nua on maps.


    The easiest way to get to Ban Yang is take R1249 the main Doi Ang Khang road, & at Pang Kwai 7.3 kms from R107, turn left & after 1.7 kms kms you'll come to a Chinese KMT village where all the damage is.



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  3. Ban Yang has since been rehabilitated & the Royal Project Cannery that was destroyed has been rebuilt & a new museum been built in memory of that devastating flood, plus to record the the history of the Royal Project in Fang.

    The Ban Yang First Royal Factory At Fang Museum





    Old cannery machinery



    to be continued...
  4. The museum shop


    The reading room upstairs

  5. There is a chronological history of the Royal Projects in North Thailand. I found it interesting, having lived here a long time, but never quite knowing the full story.








    Apologies for the less than optimal images & text. But the point is, if you're in the Fang area & wondering what there is to see & would like to know some of the local history, then pop into the Royal Factory Museum in Ban Yang & check it out. From Ban Yang you can ride onto R1340 the Aruntothai -Doi Ang Khang Road, coming out on the road at the army Sinchai army checkpoint.

    More will come...
  6. 277765=9851-IMG_1170.

    There's a B&W photographic exhibition of early village life & different villagers





    plus many more.

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