Doi Ang Khang – Fang – Uncle Jacks 2nd Anniversary 2011

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  1. Monday – Tuesday 28[sup]th[/sup] Feb – 1[sup]st[/sup] March 2011.


    The run up to Fang as proposed


    This is part of the Doi Ang Khang loop,
    my # 1 recommended 1 night 2 day loop & ride from Chiang Mai.

    A few happy snaps

    On R1340 at the Sinchai army checkpoint



    The Pha Daeng view




    Schackster on his new Versys


    The ladies division in Pha Daeng


    The happy photo finger mob


    “Lung” with his Pha Daeng fan club mum.


    Arrival time in Fang was 5.15Pm.
    Just enough time to check into & try out a new hotel the Khun Yuw





    GPS Waypoint: N19 54.919 E99 12.631
    Located behind the PTT petrol station by the traffic lights main intersection in Fang.
    Price 450 baht.
    Check it out sometime.

    After a quick sweet Happy Hour at BBs it was onto Uncle Jacks...



    and for the first timers at Uncle Jack’s I am sure they were very pleasantly surprised & highly impressed with the food, service & ambience.
    Uncle Jack’s Hideaway in Fang is a real hidden gem in North Thailand & well worth eating at when you stay in Fang.

    Uncle Jack sings along


    Lady Jane (Mrs Uncle Jack) with AKBob & Lung David.


    A smiling happy well satisfied mob


    Two cowboy characters


    After Uncle Jacks we drifted back to the BB Bar for a few more quite ales in the clean refreshing air of Fang city. The staff at BB are easy on the eye.


    Thank you all those guys & gals for coming. It was an extremely enjoyable relaxing ride in good company. Dave & Boo on the Ninja – a big welcome to GT Rider. I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves & hope to see you both around on rides a lot more. Dave in the twisties on R107 it was easy to see you’ve been a motorcycle courier for20 years – you ride as smooth as. I very much look forward to riding with you again.
    Schackster & AKBob it was good riding up country with you for the first time too.
    Ron & Gop it was about time we caught up again & as to be expected it was an absolute pleasure to ride & travel with you both.

    Thankyou Uncle Jack's for the invitation.
    We will be back!

  2. The company at the luncheon gathering was good too! Enjoyed it very much.Food always good at UJH + excellent service & very friendly people. Glad Ben K & Wassana were able to join Phil & myself.
  3. Good report David - Bloody Kawa's everywhere - So Gary you sucumbed, no 109R another Kawa, so what's that 3 your bringing up now ? Your thoughts on the Verseys mate would be good and maybe a comparisom with the Vulcan 900 custom your also riding around Thailand.

    Cheers Ken F
  4. Not the easiest of places to find is UJH so myself and David L. go there once or twice a month less we forget the turning into UJH. The place is always clean and the food excellent . Peung who makes our coffee always looks clean and 'holesome too which is a bonus,
  5. After Fang Bob and I went on to Mae Sai for the night. Did some shopping over the border and returned to CM this afternoon. Ron & Gop and David & Boo were supposed to be headed for Doi Mae Salong and as far as I know are still MIA. Extended trip by the sounds of it
  6. Now , up to 4 Kawasakis Ken. Yep, decided against the M109R. Versys seems to be a good allrounder, just a bit tall for me.
  7. A few more photos......
    First stop of the day ex CNX. The hong nam
    Behind the scenes of the photo op. Any vehicles coming down the road?
    A few beers at the BB pub before dinner.
    The venue for the main event
    Even the dog, well sort of dog, wears a cowboy hat
    An early morning view from our room at The Khun Yew. A bit 'Lord of the Rings' kind of scene I thought
    David, Boo, Kob and I headed off to Doi Mae Salong after the night in Fang, then off to Phu Chi Fah. A view of the Mae Ing from the 1020
    What did people do before mobile phones? Had more fun is my guess
    DYI Spirit house to keep the bad guys out of the restaurant. Seemed to work OK
    Fantastic cherry blossom at PCF. Could have been in Japan
    Met up with John and Tukata up the hill then went off to stay at 'Up Country Bungalows' on the 1155 near Thoeng. Nice place but 1000 THB with breakfast for ONE only? The misses had to go hungry. Forgot to get pictures of that place due to a rear flat tyre. The hotel staff were great and went off down the road and returned with a couple of guys in a pick up loaded with a compressor and plugs. Got it sorted in jiffy.
    Thanks to admin for posting the Up Country Bungalows on the 'places to stay PFC'. Endless helpful/useful info on the GTR site.
    Thanks to all for a really fun trip and to Davidfl for organising.

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