Uncle Jack's Fang Monday 28th Feb 2011

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  1. Uncle Jacks in Fang

    have their 2nd anniversary on Monday 28th Feb 2011.
    GT Rider has been invited to attend.


    So who's going - interested in a ride to Fang for the night?
    Depart "early" & go via
    1. Doi Ang Khang,
    2. Phrao & Chai Prakarn

    Depart late & go direct via R109.

    Rendezvous in Fang at 5.30Pm to hit Uncle Jack's at 7.00-7.30PM?

    GT Rider shirts need to be warn at Uncle Jacks.
  2. Ill be going and a few others , will be meeting at Euro Diner for breakfast beforehand. All welcome to join.
    David what time you want to leave ?
  3. We will be there. Hopefully on the way back from DMS.
  4. i'm coming- i'll meet ya'll at eurodiner mon am- what time?
  5. Departing Euro Diner 11am
  6. Gary
    I reckon I will be ready to leave 11AM.
    My plan ride up 107 to the Tubtao Caves turn off.
    Turn left (west) & cut across to Sinchai & the R1340 Arunothai - Doi Ang Khang road.
    Follow R1340 to Doi Ang Khang, then drop down R1249 back onto R107 & into Fang.
    ETA Fang about 4.30Pm, allowing for drink & photo stops.
    We can rendezvous by SMS or at the Sabai Sabai Pub GPS Waypoint N19 55.268 E99 12.601
    to hit Uncle Jack's at 7PM?
  7. OK, we follow you so departing 11:00am. Please confirm
  8. We are leaving around 7 am going via Phrao, 1346 to Chai Prakarn and on to Fang. Any tips on where to stay? Phu Manee Hotel seems the go unless there is any new place worth a visit.
  9. Gary - as discussed on the phone Ive got some biz to attend to first, but should be ready to ride by 11AM. I will SMS you to let you know how I am going, then swing by on the way out. I suggest breakfast at the Euro 10AM, depart 11am.
    Ron - yep the Phu Manee is a good one, but I will be trying the "new" hotel behind the PTT gas station / next to the bus station in the centre of town. I forget the name, but last trip there I checked out the rooms & thought they would be good value for money @ 350? baht.

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