Doi Chang & Doi Mae Mon in Cool Season


Dec 9, 2008
The Chiang Rai forecast indicated cool weather, so we took a ride up to Doi Chang to look for "talay mork", the sea of fog (but we didn't see it, too cold maybe).
Actually, it was an extremely cold, misty ride up there. We had some beers around a wood fire next to Jadae House, the latest trendy spot on Doi Chang.
We stayed at Charlie's Resort and it was around 8-9 degrees C overnight. Actually, in the coffee shop there were some recent photos of snow on the mountains there.
2021-01-12 17.19.52.jpg

While sitting around the fire in Doi Chang, we met a freelance travel writer, who suggested we try Doi Mon, the adjacent mountain to the northwest.
2021-01-13 09.15.27.jpg

Next morning, in the cold and mist, we headed for Doi Mon.
At Huay San, off the 1211, the old Chiang Mai road from Chiang Rai, there is a fork just north of the Huay San reservoir water crossing, left up to Doi Chang and right up to Doi Mae Mon. At the top of Doi Mae Mon mountain, after an all concrete road, there is a short flat dirt road at the top, to
2021-01-13 09.25.11.jpg
Rung Cafe.
2021-01-13 09.15.37.jpg
There are Akha, Lisu and Chinese (Kuomintang) on both of these mountain settlements.
2021-01-13 09.15.49.jpg

On a clear day, the views would be stunning.
2021-01-13 09.15.54.jpg
2021-01-13 09.16.31.jpg
2021-01-13 09.17.00.jpg

There will be a mini marathon coming through at the end of January.
2021-01-13 09.20.48.jpg

Khun Rung, who is Akha, speaks great English and his rooms are about 1000 Baht a night in season. Simple rooms with million dollar views. He lit up the wood fire for us... for a most welcome warm up..
2021-01-13 09.23.56.jpg

Good coffee, too.
2021-01-13 09.25.11.jpg
2021-01-13 09.42.45.jpg

Lower down the mountain is a caravan park. You can take a caravan for 5,000 Baht a night...
But we found another cool little coffee shop, with one tent to stay, 2,900 Baht a night.
2021-01-13 10.13.52.jpg
2021-01-13 10.14.17.jpg

2021-01-13 10.14.27.jpg

A little lower down the mountain, we found a large open air coffee farm operation.
2021-01-13 10.22.14.jpg
2021-01-13 10.22.39.jpg
2021-01-13 10.24.07.jpg
2021-01-13 10.24.13.jpg
2021-01-13 10.24.41.jpg
2021-01-13 10.24.47.jpg
2021-01-13 10.25.03.jpg
2021-01-13 10.25.33.jpg

Then down a bit further we found an avocado farm.
2021-01-13 10.39.58.jpg

Back down on 1211, we found the Princess Dara Rasmi Lanna Textile Museum
2021-01-13 10.51.45.jpg

2021-01-13 10.53.57.jpg

It is a very nice old building
2021-01-13 10.54.30.jpg

A place to bring the missus shopping....
2021-01-13 10.59.14.jpg

Then it was back to Hug Onsen for a warm up hot spring bath.
2021-01-13 12.09.16.jpg

After, we went into Chiang Rai city and visited Melt in Your Mouth restaurant. What a super choice on the menu. I had a Sai Uwa burger, northern sausage burger, very nice.
Then we followed with...
2021-01-13 14.55.35.jpg
2021-01-13 14.55.44.jpg

Another great little ride around Chiang Rai.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Looks like a great time was had by all.

I'm intrigued by this

exactly what is going on here?

That Dara Rasmi House & Museum is interesting eh?


It is a bit of a lost / hidden attraction there on the Den Har road. It took me a bit of effort to find it the first time. I'm sure I wrote it up GTR but cant find it now. There's a good story & a bit of history there too.

Thanks for report. I can see there's even more new places to go check out now.