Doi Chiang, Wawee and Civet Coffee

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  1. Turned left at Dim Doi just NW of Mae Suai (GT Golden triangle Map).
    Road to Saeng Chareon and then concrete and hard packed dirt to Doi Chiang.
    Drank some expensive civet coffee(tasted better Nescafe)
    The camped at Wawee which serves free Doi Chiang Coffee (very nice people)
    Spent the evening chating with Thai soldiers as they sought refuge from the cold
    Dropped off the mountain to the west via Huai Saan and then down to Huai Sam.
    Took in the famous ford crossing and drank tea and the tasting centre.

    The is a striaght forward drive but be careful with the descent which can be misty in the dry season and I reckon pretty slippy in the wet (judging from the ruts).
    Plenty of other posts on this site for this region which you could use to develop this drive.
  2. Thanks for that, I live near the tea tasting centre and consider it to be one of the nicest areas of the north.
    I regularly walk my dog at the ford.
    Any news of the progress of the new road?

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