Doi Inthanon - Mae Chaem road R1192

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  1. Hs anyone ridden this in the last few days? There is a rumour that part of the road is missing.

    Look at our photos:
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  2. Helen
    The road was there two weeks ago

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    R1192. It's all still there & absolutley perfect riding.



    R1192 is still one of the tightest most twisting narrow steep roller-coaster roads in North Thailand! Awesome exhilarating riding.




    Use this to do
    1. The Doi Inthanon Loop
    2. The Mae Hong Son Loop
    3. The Mae Sarieng / Khun Yuam Loop.

    Highyl recommended, but AVOID the Doi Inthanon area over new year Sat Dec 31 - Tues 3rd Jan as the roads will be totally over run with Thai tourists & cars. It will literally be hard to find a parking spot on Doi Inthanon R1009.
    The roads R1009 & R1192 will at various times be so crowded with traffic that it be single line one way, at alternate periods of time, all "controlled" by the Thai police. You've been warned!

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