Doi Inthanon picture tour from the other side, no fee

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  1. doi-inthanon-karte.
    Means: Doi Inthanon from the other side, no entrance fee
    Thanks David Unkovich:

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Start on the 108 in Chiang Mai drive south 17 km to Sanpatong.[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]In Sanpatong turn right the way to Mae Wang. On this way are some small gasoline stations.[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]At km 31 Mae Wang. After Mae Wang a curve mountain street on a river. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 38 a elephant camp.
    elefantencamp. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 43 the small city Ban Mae Win with the last smal gasoline station. After Mae Win more high in the mountains.[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 59 good view to the Doi Inthanon.
    thailand-doi-inthanon-tour-02. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 60 turn left to Doi Inthanon (no sign!).
    If you not turn left and drive straight on you will see a small temple
    with a great view
    and the small town Huai Tong.
    The temple is on km 61,5. The city Huai Tong is at km 62,5.
    In the city is a small „supermarket“. For this way you need about 2,5 hr.[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]After back to the way to Do Inthanon.,the tachometer shows 65km. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 77 A fork in the forest, turn left.
    thailand-doi-inthanon-tour-07. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]Then the Chiang Mai Research Center on the right side ,
    turn left.
    Now, the best. Greatful outlooks and a fantastic landscape
    thailand-doi-inthanon-tour-11. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 92 a small town.
    thailand-doi-inthanon-tour-10. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]On a high street
    is a checkpoint[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]near km 100 a fork to the Siriphum Waterfall.
    Not the biggest but o.k. On the mainstreet turn right. After again a small checkpoint.[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 107 after 4 hr the Doi Inthanon temples
    with the 2 nice temples near the top.
    Temperature 22,3°C,but sometimes very cold here!! Entrancefee 10 Baht. Between the 2 Tempel is a big parking place with restaurant.
    3 km more up is the top.If you drive with a 2-stroke engine the power will go down on this way. On the top is only a military station, no photo!
    gipfel. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]Return to chiang Mai via Chomthong.
    Some km down from the mountain you can see the nice Vachiratharn Waterfall.
    thailand-doi-inthanon-tour-18. [/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 150 the counter where you must pay normally 400 Baht,
    but when you go down you must not stop (and they are not interessted in you)!! Only when you go up on this way you have to pay 400 baht. After the small city Ban Nam Tok Mae Klang.[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 160 turn left to 108 ,the way to Chiang Mai.[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [*]km 210 Back in Chiang Mai.[/*:m:2lak69co]
    [/list type=decimal]
    Fo the tour you need about 7- 8hr. The tour is easy, so you can drive with a honda dream too maybe 2 hr more. After rain or when raining not recommend !

    Sorry about my english

  2. Helbob
    A nice little picture report. Thanks for the contribution. Please keep them coming.
  3. Thanks
    and thanks for your reports, thats very interessted to read because the next trip start at 6.February.
    Something in north thailand change but i think a will have a good trip.

  4. Information: Now you must pay entrance fee because they have a second counter. Only when you tell them you want go to Mae Chaem, thne you must turn left a few meters after the counter. Maybe wait some minutes drive back and turn left up to Doi Inthanon. Its not 100% legal but... :silent:
  5. Is it sealed road all/most of the way? In other words, do I take the Phantom or the KLX? Anyone else done this "back door" way to Doi Inthanon lately? Cheers
  6. Most or near all is sealed road now, but sometimes on the mountainstreet are "big holes "in the street. I think you know what i mean:



    You can do this with the phantom or a Honda Gold Wing :happy3:
    I drive this way at last in feb. 2010

    Tipp for no fee:


    When you you go back from the Mae Chaem way and turn left then try to drive fast then the man on the small counter (no always occupied) not wake up :)
  7. Ha Ha! excellent. Thanks for the quick reply. I might do it tomorrow.
  8. Did the ride on Monday. Really nice day out with clear crisp weather except for fog near the Doi Inthanon summit. Checkpoint #2 defintely will ask to see a ticket or sell you one, but with a Thai DL I got in for 20 baht plus 20 more for the bike. Excellent lonely riding especially between Mae Win and the Siriphum waterfalls. You have to make the important left-hander just before Huay Tong which isn't signposted for Doi Inthanon but lots of signs for other places along the way, in particular the Lisu village of Khun Wang says you're on the right track. The overall 220km circuit can easily be ridden in 6-8 hours, but I took my time with 8am start 8pm back home.

    The route with key points

    In Sanpatong turn right on the 1013

    At the Y-intersection stay right towards Mae Win

    Good signage along the way

    A few km before Mae Win the road gets twisty and the scenery gorgeous

    Rest station Thai-style. No free coffee for tired driver

    Give way to 2-ton 4-legged traffic

    The road climbs up between Mae Win and Huay Tong, pine trees and nice lonely ride

    Important left turn to the "Highest School of Thailand"

    Quick stop to soak feet in a mountain pond. Nobody here except dragon flies and tadpoles.

    On a call of nature I nearly walked face-first into this hand-sized bugger

    The Dok Bua Tong flowers are in bloom now through the end of November

    Excellent lonely forest road south of Khun Wang

    Arrival at the Royal Project - a now familiar sight with the Siriphum waterfall in back

    Leafy scenery walking beneath the Siriphum waterfall area

    Clear then foggy weather at the King's pagoda

    Autumn flowers at the Queen's pagoda

    Feeling closer to God with end-of-day sun at 2500 metres

    It's gotta be done

    Photography is forbidden =)

    Last big view of the day. Time to head downhill.

    Nam Tok Sirithan

    Nam Tok Wachirathan

    Out through the In Door
  9. Captain_Bob
    Thanks for the report. The sign above is an absolute winner. :thumbup:
  10. Thanks for the fresh green pics. My problem: In february the dry season start and the green will be brown and trees "naked".
    This time now is best time for nice colours, only the rain is a problem.

    February 2010






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