Doi Mae Salong Chiang Mai Toy Ride

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  1. The Chiang Mai Toy Ride Committee is exploring the idea of a Toy Ride event helping needy hill tribe children in Doi Mae Salong, after the rainy season.

    This should necessitate an overnight stay for most people / riders. Accommodation would need to be arranged in advance.

    To assist in the planning for the event, we would like some idea of how many riders & people would be prepared to attend an overnight Chiang Mai Toy Ride charity event in Doi Mae Salong.
    Tentatively the event could possibly be held in either November 2010 or January 2011.

    Would you be interested in participating & staying overnight in Doi Mae Salong?

    If yes, please confirm your interest by posting on this thread.
  2. I'm in, Fiu too, rgds, FR
  3. I would very much like to attend and would confirm as soon as a firm date is fixed. Only variable for me is unknown timing of house sale in Khon Kaen, but I will be spending most of my time in Chiang Mai from December onwards irrespective of house sale.
  4. Me and my PP want to come.

  5. Just a reminder that Khon Kaen Bike Week is on Saturday 13th November, so if possible please avoid that weekend for the Toy ride.
  6. Well the rainy season has finished, although some little showers here and there.
    Are we still going to a Doi Mae Salong School before the real rain comes back?
  7. There is no such thing as a relatively accessible Laos school that one can visit from Chiang Mai. I know that there are many many needy children in Laos, but please may we stay within the country that we are living....... Thailand.
    I am sure that those who feel strongly can set up a separate charitable organisation and ride to support Laos schools.
  8. Well I do not live in a region ,I live in Thailand and this is not an Asian Toy Ride it is the Chiang Mai Toy Ride, and the committee and contributors are only partly associated with GTRider, hopefully they will have more sense than to start spreading things abroad.
  9. This is an older post, and I actually would appreciate it if Ben would delete it. This idea was explored in depth by the Chiang Mai ToyRide Committee and we decided it was not in our best interest. We are the Chiang Mai ToyRide and we have a mission statement and guidelines that state exactly that. We are fortunate to have many sponsors and contributors who donated to the CMTR under those guidelines. We also try to keep expenses to a very minimum so that almost every baht we receive can go to support the children in some direct manner. Complicated logistics would only increase our expenses with little gain.

    GT-Rider is a Headline sponsor of the Chiang Mai ToyRide and David Unk donates generously, in both time and donations, as do many of the participants in this forum. We are very grateful for the donations, participation, and suggestions. Please continue to support us in this cause.

    Ben; please close this post.

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