Doi Suthep/Pong Yang/X-Center/Huay Tueng Tao/Doi Pui Offroad

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    It's hot right now in the city. So why not jump on your bike and go to the mountains, where fresh air mixed with rain makes you all refreshed. Other people go to Spas - but this is just as good.

    We started off on Huay Keaw Road and moved our way to Doi Suthep all on road.



    Then Doi Pui and the a right towards the coffee plantage. The weather was really nice and we only got a few drops of rain. The terrain in the rainy season is pretty easy until the coffee village. After that it get's a very rocky and and I only would recommend this to experienced riders and strictly off-road bikes.



    Many trees had blocked the little road from the upper part of Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden towards Pong Yang.




    The terrain is allways changing and is really exciting after the rain. The red clay is slippery as soap and takes a lot of balance and adjusting not to drop your bike. As long as it goes down it's o.k - going up is a bitch.


    I'm quiet happy with the TTR 250 so far, even it's not my dream bike. I'm allready saving for a 400 cc or maybe the new Kawasaki, that costs 150 k Baht with registration.



    George’s new house:

    From Pong Yang we went down to the X-Center for some nice coffee and some food and a small talk with Ian as usual.

    From the X-Center we drove to Huay Tueng Tao and then worked our way back to Doi Pui and then back to Huay Keaw Road.

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  3. Rhodie

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    Great stuff in finding muddy Muppet trails.
    Also the gear is quite an evocative fashion statement.
    Wouldn't look out of place in an episode of The Sweeney!
    Bravo on both counts.
  4. BignTall

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    Great report thanks for thew post. Nice to see the TTR getting a work out and you gents enjoying yourselves. Most people shy away from the off road in rainy season but if you plan routes and rides accordingly loads of fun can still be had as you know.

    I've not been on that track in over 6 months, nice to see the trees still lending themselves to the challenge.

    Just back from exploring out in Phrae. It makes a nice change of suface with a more sandy texture that abosrobs the rainy seasons water much better and makes for more enjoyable off road riding than the slick clay of sutthep. Highly recommended. Let me know if you need details.
  5. saxonator

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    Hey BignTall,

    thanks for your reply. I'm so busy playing music all week, that I don't have much chance to get away from Chiang Mai. Actually I enjoy the mud slide party a lot . Anyway maybe in the near future we can link and get together for some nice off-roading. I prefer small tracks with lotsa rocks and mud then sandy high speed passages.

    See Ya' around

  6. saxonator

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    Yeah, when it comes to fashion we're the number one in business. Vintage off-road riding gear and cheap jackets from adidas is the way to go. (At least concerning George's taste) I prefer more modern gear. Maybe we should do a fashion show one day and let the chicks decide, what's good or not.

    Cheers Saxonator

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