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  1. I’ve been up and over Doi Suthep several times in the past few weeks and noticed some changes.

    They have paved 3.3 km of trail from the checkpoint, past the campground, and towards Chang Khian village – the pavement almost reaches the little coffee shop up there.


    Of course, the little road is only 1.5 lanes wide, just like the road leading up to the checkpoint. Nice little concrete drainage ditches and even some shiny new guardrail.

    I also found this map.

    I’ve ridden A, B and C on my DRZ as well as downhill on my mountain bike but I’ve yet to find trail D. Does anyone have a track or waypoints?
  2. I think this is the trail you're talking about? Ends up on Highway#1269 in between Samoeng and Chiang Mai (14KM from canal Rd)

    I haven't ridden it yet - here's the waypoints though
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  3. Thanks for posting the waypoints dlevedag. That trail works its way past Siska Wan(sp?) waterfall and terminates into Doi Pui. Most of it is 2 lane concrete with the bottom 3-4 KM's into the 1269 being dirt and a long rocky section. This trail is on the southern side of Doi Sutthep.

    The trail BarryBBQ is talking about starts in Hauy Tin Taow(sp?) and runs up the north eastern side of the mountain. Its a dirt truck road with the last portion to the summit receiving recent pavement. Trail "C" Barry is looking for is a steep singletrack on the on the eastern side of the mountain that terminates by the CNX Zoo.
  4. Well not sure if this will muddle things even more but what I understand is that BarryBBQ is looking for trail D. This, for as far as I know starts very close to the temple just before the parking and shops on the left hand side (going up). There is a road to the left which goes up to houses and a retreat formerly owned by the church but which has now been taken over by the National Park people. There are several small tracks turning of this road which is about a km. long or so. One (maybe more) of these tracks goes down to Chiangmai and ends up somewhere behind where the Ratchapruek Flora show was. Did this ages ago on a hike with the Boys Scouts but at that time I had no GPS so unfortunately no waypoints.

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