Doi Sutthep Helmet Cam.

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by dirthonk, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Just testing the helmet camera on the dirt tracks early this morning. :happy2: :thumbup:

    [youtube:2yhqf2z8] /youtube:2yhqf2z8]

  2. Great stuff Dirthonk.
  3. Mate, you've got a good technique on the bike... the bike is moving all over the place and your head is solid as a rock...

    When are you getting out with your Little Buddy so we can get some footage of you harrassing him until he crashes into a tree???


  4. Luke, nice one !!! The WR yours ?? Perfect for CNX me thinks ... :happy2: , cheers, Franz
  5. Daewoo, thanks, and yes the little man was with me but at that point in the trail was suffering from respiratory complications so was acting sweeper. Promise to put a video up soon of the pocket rocket in action!!

    Franz, yes the wr is mine, got it a month ago. Its abslolutely perfect for the trails. Just ask justin how much he would of paid for my electric start at certain points on the trail. I think a figure of 100,000 was mentioned at one point! :lol-sign:
  6. Yessiree I just got back into CNX and Luke recruits me into a ride to welcome me back. Three months dealing with a lack of nookie has got me out of my usual level of prime fighting shape, cough cough. So 300 yards into the hill climb i was a blubbering mess, hands like rubber bands barely hanging on, etc. Sadly Luke's video only shows the bottom half of the run. Up higher its gets really nice and scenic, a bit tighter, and a lot steeper. I think I must have stalled and cartwheeled of the bike about 7 times and always filled the forest with curse words. No doubt Luke was loving the mayhem. My midget arse kick starting the YZF on the side of hills was begining to get old. But all in a great day on a fantastic trail.

    No worries Daewoo tomorrows ride Luke will plan to have me front of the camera to see if we can marry a YZF with a tree for you.
  7. Dirthonk,

    Great vid. What kind off hat cam are you using? I have a Contour HD coming to me in the next two months.
  8. Its a GoPro Motorsports hero wide angle lens camera. can be mounted to helmet or any flat surface on the bike, i.e fuel tank or numberplate board. I got it in chiang mai.

    Glad you liked the video, Hope you heal well and get back to tearing up the dirt soon! :happy2:
  9. I was thinking about posting on the board about helmet cams considering I couldn't find any in Chiang Mai, wish I hadn't ordered mine now.... Anyways..... ya, the wide angle on the Go Pro is nice.

    Would be cool to ride with you and then we can each get shots of each other and can cut a good vid with multiple angle shots....
  10. Sounds good, when we are both healed up properly lets give it a go!

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