Doing Mae Hong Son Loop in two weeks (during wet season!)

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  1. Hi all -

    Your advice has been very helpful so far and just have a few questions before I leave for Thailand on Saturday (can't wait.). There will be four of us riding the MHS loop from 8/25 - 9/2 (five days) so we're hoping to get some days of good weather, but want to make sure I have all the bases covered before I leave.

    - Do you guys know what condition the MHS loop is in right now given recent heavy rains?
    - I've been checking the forecast for the dates we'll be there and it looks alright (link), what do you guys think?
    - Any precautions you guys have for renting bikes in Thailand? We haven't made reservations but I've heard that they'll be keeping our passports and that we should have some semblance of insurance. What's the best way to get motobike insurance or is it not even possible?

    Thanks again all. We'll definitely be keeping our fingers crossed to have some nice days while we're there!

  2. Hi there,

    As for your questions on weather 'n road conditions i'm afraid i can't help much since I've been away from LOS for three months (and thats waaaayyy to long, but now i'm leaving for Bangkok again this monday..:D )

    You shouldn't have any problems at all finding a bike this time of year. Shop around before you make up your mind on what to rent. Theres plenty of rental places in Chiang Mai, most i know of are around the moat not very far apart, and easy to reach on foot. Give the bike a good look over. Tires, brakepads, overall condition and so on.. Ask for insurance, and if they do have it, ask to see a paper stating what it covers. Most, if not all, places will ask for you to leave your passport with them. Many of those are willing to negotiate other terms, like a copy of your passport+ a cash deposit, or legit ID-card plus deposit and so on.. but ultimately, you'll have to leave some sort of security.

    I hope you have a nice ride!

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