Dont Drive Here - Bangkok!

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  1. What a funny show!

    Andrew is in Bangkok this week were he has a daring lesson on how to really move across the city.


  2. lol. If he set foot in Vietnam, I think he would piss himself. Those people are f-ing nutters.
  3. Really enjoyed watching all 6 episodes, great bit of late night jelly telly.

    I could sympathize with the Bangkok episode but was shocked at the way in Delhi, every mentor including a genuine driving instructor were getting very angry & even shouting at the presenter for checking his mirrors or looking over his shoulder in traffic.....You don't do that here in Delhi ever!!
  4. So you guys are heroes living, driving and riding in Thailand. :D

    CNN made some riding vids in Vietnam, they were fun, not so "terrible" like this. LOL...
  5. Hilarious..

    Thanks for posting Tony..

    Great watching this on the Smart TV as well..
    No more glued to the laptop.

  6. Whoa, just watched the India episode- makes Thailand look like a walk in the park!

  7. Hehehe nice;

    I've never been on a motorcycle taxi ride in BKK that was as tame as the one they filmed though. Maybe it's just my luck but it seems like each time it's an adventure, and each time there's at least two or three hair-raising situations where I wonder afterwards how we didn't have an accident... it's an extreme sport for thrill seekers, really....

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