Downunder March 2011.

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    As some of you might now I was recently down under with Happy-Go-Lucky for 2 weeks to escape the heat & smoke.
    The trip was planned last year, after Meow & I both got sick - bad sinus infections - from the summer pollution of smoke & dust. This was a first for me after 28 yrs in Cnx, & with Meow a singer & no voice we thought the right thing to do in 2011 was flee the scene, heat & pollution.
    But it is funny how it goes, as the day after we left Cnx the weather here changed & it was cold & wet. We could have stayed & saved a few tens of thousands of baht. But that's the way it goes...

    Regardless we both had a super time in Oz, flying into Perth for 2 nights to stay with The Snail, then driving across the Nullabor for 3 days, to spend a week with my family in Gawler. Then fly back into Perth for 3 more nights with The Snail & finally home to Cnx & more cool weather, plus a bit of heat.

    Now a few odd bike piccies.

    My cousin, also called David Unkovich, kick starting one of his classic bikes.


    what is that?



    Yep, it's a diesel!

    Davvo's a bit of a Ducati fan & also has



    But when I was there he rode his GT1000


    I had the use of his big chook chaser a DR650 in immaculate condition with a delightful Staitune exhaust. Sorry no photos.

    My brother rode his VFR750

    which I also used for a day's cruise through the rolling hills & vineyards.

    Madam Meow was pretty impressed with the vineyards & magnificent clean air.


    she also enjoyed a day out riding a CBR125

    not that I approved of the footwear. TIT on tour?

    The highlight of the trip for Meow though, must have been


    In Perth the highlight for me should have been riding The Snail's bike

    hotted up with a kit in it, as you'd expect from the Snail; however the strict speed limits took any fun out of it for me.
    Thailand is the place to ride & motorcycle tour folks!
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  3. Tom Forde

    Tom Forde Ol'Timer

    Don't you miss the clear blue skies and fresh air of Oz.
    Great collection of bikes, makes you jealous living in LOS.
    Funny how you can have great bikes in Oz and can't use them.
    Having a limited choice in LOS and can use them!

    Makes you wonder why we live up here sometimes.
    2 weeks back in Oz over Xmas, got the message thru.

  4. Franksmith

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    oh i totaly have to agree with you, thailand is the touring haven, I havent been back to Auzzie in 7 years.
  5. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Did you lobby hard to get "the Snail" back over here?? I miss his sarcasm.

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