DR650 overhaul

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Franz, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Well after my engine on the DR went bust it was time to consider either dumping it and go for a KTM thumper or save costs and repair engine and do a general overhaul on it with new paint, bearings, selarings and the like. Finally it was an easy decision as money in these times is not too plenty and the overhaul was the most feasible option.
    Working takes most of my time so repair work on my bikes gets only a limited timeframe, that's why it took me so long to get this far.
    Only parts still to be done is the engine and a carb cleaning job:
    These housing parts will get a cleaning and new bearings this weekend. The remaining ones as time goes by in the next 2-3 weeks.
    The bike itself has been redone with details such as new powdercoating by RICHO and paint by myself & Pistonshop. Fitted the DR350 taillight, new rubberparts, clutchparts by SUZUKI Austria, Woessner high-compression piston from Germany, Dynojet - now stage 3, new crankshaft/pushrod bearing, new pushrod, new bolt, and and and......................
    So now not much work left on the bike:

    Looking very much forward to do the previous Nan trip again but this time on the thumper which should when finished get even more power through the forged high compression piston 5555555.......cheers, Franz
  2. This will be one SWEET bike once it's finished! Perfect for the 1333 and beyond! Always admire your skill in restoring bikes. Bravo!
  3. Very nice project Franz.
    Hurry up and get her finished! And I'll join you ripping up Nan on the KTM :)
  4. To all, thanks for the comments !!
    Will try to hurry and get her finished within June so we can have a ride after that. Would be really interesting to see how an underpowered 17 year old thumper performs compared to a brand new / high-tech KTM one.
    What about the "mighty busted Tiger" ?? Got that one fixed yet ??
    Cheers, Franz
  5. "mighty busted Tiger" 55555 is now "Mighty fine Tiger". Very happy with the results. Engine pulls even stronger than before!!
    KTM is ready for a rip around Nan!
  6. Nice one Franz. Looks really good already.

    Joe is really enjoying your last venture, the Yamaha Tenere. Look forward to the finished result.
  7. Thanks Peter, looking forward to buy the DR once finished he ??????? Joking 55555555555; cannot sell this one, spent already more than a Versys costs, glad also that Yo enjoys his S10 and knows now what biking is about, not trying to start, park and ride the monstrous HD he got from Wee.......FR
  8. FINISHED, tomorrow when I have some daylight I'm gonna take & post some fotos of her.
    Today only three pictures, one of some parts I used; pushrod, pushrod-crank bearing, crank main bolt have been dumped at the German engineering company, there have been much more parts that went into the DR at this overhaul but the engine ones are important:

    A closer shot of the balancer sporcket, just look at the teeth from 11:00 to 05:00...........:

    and one of the remains of the pushrod-crank bearing, didn't collect the stuff smaller than this, would have been another handful of metal splinters:

    Tomorrow, still have to re-adjust the crap Mikuni carb, testrun her once more and then make another post, cheers, Franz
  9. As promised yesterday here's some fotos of the finished job:


    All modifications on the bike cost me now more than a brand new Versys and additionally the engine repair a hefty 58k B, that's what makes her a keeper but I'm happy with the DR (use on shorter routes and on the twisties) and its a perfect addition to FJR (long tours) and Nouvo (cigarettes, beers, som-tam).
    Cheers, Franz
  10. Nice one Franz... :clap:
    thought that this thread might turn into a real popcorn muncher.
    good to see you still have more of that highlighter tape left after the Tenere.
    Now please don't sell it.
  11. Thanks John, I was also expecting this to take a little longer but luckily I could do a lot on the last rainy weekends. Yep I love them pink rimstripes, just went to Fast Corner 2 weeks ago and wanted more but he ran out of this particular colour, so I needed to order, there's still some undecorated places on the DR....55555.
    BTW yes this is a keeper ! Cheers, Franz
  12. Very impressive!
    Give yourself a hearty slap on the back! :)
  13. Okay...let's see what changed on the bike and at the ranch since 2010:
    There's the missing ProCycle and "P" decal stickers and no front amber side reflector in 2012
    The trees have grown larger...
    Ah, oh yes and unseen is the 58K-Bt to make the engine spectacularly new...again.
    Congrats, Franz! Next time I'm in C-Mai, I'm bringing the coffee beans. Do you have/use a grinder?


  14. hahahaha......new paint all over, new ignition lock, new rubber parts, new bearings, new handlebar, new bulbs, new selarings, new taillight, new intake scoop, new carb inards and new engine inards, enough ? No grinder but a big hammer and steelplate so we can pok-pok-pok the coffee beans one by one. No need to bring with you Jay, I'm now having Doi Tung brand freshly grinded beancoffee at my place (if you can find it again and don't make a detour via Mae Sariang....55555), yummie, u r welcome at any time, cheers, Franz
  15. Another success Franz !

    Now, have we learnt our lesson? Not to try and keep up with the speed demons and keep an eye on the RPM ? Or are we blaming this all on super mechanic Somchai ??? 5555

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