Draggin' Jeans: Aussie Brand Vs. US Brand

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with Draggin Jeans?

    There is an Aussie Draggin Jeans Company...


    and a US Draggin Jeans company...


    Both have the same name and almost identical logo, but each are not affiliated with each other. Both companies claim to be the original Draggin jeans.

    I don't care which is original; I only care about the quality and internal kevlar protection.

    The Aussie ones are more expensive, but the kevlar protection is built in to the knees, butt, hips, and shins of the jeans already; which (in my opinion) is more preferable then having to strap in the protection yourself. I've been told that the Aussie brand provides as much protection as mid-range proper textile motorcycle trousers with kevlar protection.

    The US versions are cheaper, but they DON"T include any of the internal Kevlar protection (you have to buy them separately and insert them). The jeans themselves without the protection cost $100 USD and up!

    Has anyone used either of these? Which model, and how much?

    The advantage of these is that you could be protected, but if you stop and walk somewhere in the city, it looks like you're just wearing jeans, not tacky looking textile motorcycle trousers.
  2. Hi Garet, I have Draggin (Aus) Cargo Pants that I use every ride... they have kevlar in the backside, thighs, and knees... they will only protect you from abbrasion from the pavement, not impact... the advantage is that you just pull them on and off like normal pants, the disadvantage, compared to strap on armour is that, to an extent, the protection can move out of the way in a get off, as the leg of the jean moves away from your knee...

    I haven't road tested mine, touch wood, but I think they are OK for what I want...

    The other disadvantage is that they are very heay weight, maybe twice as heavy as normal jeans... that mean they get very hot when you aren't on the bike... but at least you don't look like you just stepped out of some German Porn movie when you are walking through the markets :D ...

    Look also at Hornee Jeans horneejeans.com and read this http://www.cycletorque.com.au/Save-your-****-Motorcycle-riding-jeans/

  3. Hi Garet,
    I have had 3 pairs of Aussie Draggin Jeans.
    The first pair was cargo pants, as Daewoo says, they get hot off the bike.
    They are still more comfortable than wearing armour, but no as good on impacts.
    I seen the result of an accident in Oz were a biker was dragged along the ground on his hip under the rear of a car.
    His jeans were worn through to the Kevlar, broken leg but no abrasions or burns.
    Around $200A in Aussie, a couple of dollars more and you get better protection.

    Also they fade a bit but don't shrink when washed, and fit big boys real well.

  4. I have been using the US ones for about 10 years but not drop tested as of yet. Built in protection for the knees, butt and hips.
    Even so I use armoured undershorts and strap on knee guards for impact protection.

    A bit hot but not unbearable.

    I also have a long sleeve Kevlar shirt which I wear on hot days rather than a jacket
  5. I have 2 Draggin eans, one from OZ the other one I dont know as did not realize there is a US brand as well, def the most comfy trousers to ride in, indeed heavier and warmer than normal jeans but acceptable seen the additional protection, my jeans dont have pockets for armour so I use the Knox knee armour which comes as a sleeve around you knee, works very well.
  6. I have never Tried Draggin Jeans due to there Expense and Availability here in Thailand? I have a couple of Pairs of these though: http://www.whitehorsegear.com/cortech-dsx-denim-pants . They are quite Heavy but offer pretty Good Protection for a Reasonable Price? The Knee Armour would likely Move in the event of an "Off" so I am like Hoghead and use Strap on Knee Guards! Ordering from http://www.whitehorsegear.com/ is Easy and their Service is fairly fast even having them deliver to Me here in Chiang Mai normally takes about 9 days from Ordering.
  7. British made HOOD jeans are the best on the market far superior in finish and strength than Draggin jeans ,I have had Draggin, Giali and Redroute in the past but am now on my 2nd pair of HOOD as they are the best I have had .

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