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  1. This is quite close to how my dream bike would look: a naked bike with space age styling, very minimalist, practically an engine with suspension, a tank, a headlight and a seat connected to it. 1000cc V2 Honda VTR engine with supercharger, single sided front suspension - S E X Y ! ! !
    It's called a "Lazareth Dokujya Honda VTR1000".
    Just google Honda VTR 1000, it's the red bike in the pictures on top. (The link is too long to post!)
  2. There should be a picture here:
  3. How about some pics of your dreambikes?
  4. The single-sided front suspension is maybe a bit over the top, a conventional fork would do.
  5. Oh fun. I'll play.

    Nothing like imagining what bike you would ride if time/money/reality were not a constraining factor.

    I have loved this bike since the moment I laid eyes on it. There are a couple of minor things I would change if were mine. I'm not a huge fan of the under seat exhaust but I don't hate it either. I would also probably put a smaller dial on it and strip off the decals but I love the idea of a traditional cafe racer with fully modern bits and a monster of an engine.



  6. Now here's what the new Triumph Thunderbird should've looked like. Forget all that laid-back H-D style cruiser malarky!



  7. The Harley seems to have been built by some metal freak with a shop, lots of tidbits here and there, looks like lots of hours went into it. The exhaust is a work of art, the rear brakes are cool. I just don't get the carb intake, it looks like it's a wrong way around ram-air system. Or are those pipes going into the air filter box?
    The makers can't ignore the cruiser's market share, even BMW is building one! Too much easy money to be made. I never understood the idea of a 1600cc parallel twin, but that Triumph above is a cool-looking bike, and it's refreshing that it's not another inline four! Where did you get that picture?
    Talking about Triumph, instead of another cruiser they should have taken two cylinder banks of the 675cc three-cylinder and created a 1400cc 90 degree V6 using lots of parts they already have, kind of like Drysdale's V8 - now that would have made a splash!
  8. Thanks for your pics, guys! What about the rest of you, don't you have dream bikes or do you have problems with uploading pictures?

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