Drinking and Riding


Feb 16, 2007
WARNING! Extremely graphic footage. DO NOT view if the sight of brains splattered on a Heineken signpost will cause you nightmares. But this is what happens when you mix a CBR600, 2 young drunks, lack of proper gear (probably wouldn't have mattered in this case), and Pattaya.

So sad and what a waste of 2 lives. But at least nobody else was hurt or killed due to their recklessness. Had to have been going 150+ KPH right there on 2nd road, easily could have killed several other innocent people. I hope none of this stupidity ever finds its way up to CM. Maybe it already has, but thankfully I didn't see any of it.

From Pattaya Daily News:

In the early morning of 22nd May 2009 two men from Llanelli in South Wales were killed at the scene when their motorbike crashed in front of the Big C shopping centre in North Pattaya.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Suppachai Puikeawkum was notified at 6 :00 am and a police and Sawang Boriboon Rescue team were dispatched to the scene of the accident. On Pattaya Second Road in front of Big C police found the bodies of Mr. Matthiew Jenkins (23) who was lying in the middle of the road and Mr. Alex George (23), who was on the footpath. Both men had extensive surface wounds and had received multiple injuries including broken legs, arms and skull. Their clothes were torn and two broken helmets were found nearby. A badly damaged black and orange Honda CBR motorbike, no 151 Chonburi, was found 100 meters away from the bodies.

Police questioned eye witnesses including some motorbike taxi drivers who said the two men were speeding on their bike heading from the Tops supermarket towards the Dolphin Roundabout. They seemed to be drunk and treating the road as a race track. As they were passing Big C the driver lost control and ran into the footpath, hit a road sign, bounced off of another sign in front of Big C and then flew into the air and dropped onto the road, throwing the two men to the ground, and causing them fatal injuries.

The bodies would be kept at Banglamung Hospital for the relevant reports and the embassy and the relatives would be informed.


David Learmonth

Apr 23, 2006
A pity they had to die. As mentioned previously, at least they didnt hurt anyone else with their recklessness. It is a golden rule of mine that I will drink no alcohol whatsoever when on two wheels & I try to encourage any riding buddies with me who may have had other ideas to adhere to the same rule. Even half a pint of beer can affect concentration, especially in hot weather. Over here 100% concentration is a must at all times.