Dual Exhaust on a Phantom???

Discussion in 'Technical' started by pianoman, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. O.K., maybe it won't make any difference, but a local shop is trying to get me to put dual exhaust on my Honda Phantom... Besides the appearance, will it alter the performance any for the positive or negitive???


  2. your stock pipe is working in tune with other components like the jetting in your carburator and the air filter, and you shouldn't mess with it. the after market pipe will probably be of lesser quality than stock, and maybe even sound worse. the stock exhaust sounds fine to me! if it's a very free flowing pipe, it may affect performance negatively, you may get hickups in the higher revvs. my advice: don't add to the noise, keep the stock pipe, invest the saved money in good tires.
  3. Klaus,

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestion... O.K., what would you recommend regarding tires??? What would be the advantage over the stock tires that are on the bike now?? Any and all info is greatly appreciated...

  4. That's a good question, maybe somebody has a good answer, since I don't. My Phantom 200 has now over 15K km on the clock, and the rear tire looks like it could go another 15.... I didn't do too many burn-outs... Met a guy in Ranong who changed the rear tire after 25.000km! Funny thing is, the front tire looks worse, I need a front one first. Bet Metzeler doesn't make Micky-Mouse size... So if somebody has some advice, if there is a better tire than stock, I'd appreciate it!

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