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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Nick, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Nick

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    Anybody know where I can buy dual purpose tires in Chiang Mai? I'm looking for something like Conti TKC80, Maxiss C6006, Metzler Enduro 3 Sahara, Michelin Anakee, etc.
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  3. Rhodie

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    It appears that most if not all tyres are sourced thru BKK.
    The only option I found were Metzlers through Paddock shop here in BKK and then it was only the more exteme Karoos.
    Tho Contis are not imported as far as I can tell into LoS, TKCs can sometimes be sourced thru BMW dealers, as the R1200GS Adventure coes with these as standard. However the Thai buyers quickly switch to Metzler Tourances as they have little intention of going off-road.
    For Laos & Cambo off the black stuff the Karoos are good esp in the rainy season. Tho noisy & a little skittish at speed or in the wet on the smoother Thai hardtop.

    If you do find a source source for a more dual purpose pse post back.
  4. mikerust

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    This may help.
  5. DavidFL

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    try a quick search for tyre shop chiang mai & will turn up 25 results. amongst them are
    2 important ones titled
    1. chiang mai handy motorcycle shops
    2. tyres where can i get em
    and a 3rd
    2. tyres & oil where

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