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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Sharktooth, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Awrite. I've looked at the sticky forum on tyres, but can't seem to draw a conclusion. I want to change out the stock tyres on my D-Tracker to something a bit stickier in the wet and also offroad. There seems to be lots of pros and cons, not to mention a few mentions to avoid any type of knobblies / dual purpose on the tracker wheel set up.

    Does anyone have experience of a 50/50 set up street and off road on a dtracker set up?

  2. I am running a knobie on the back and road trail on front of my klx 250 and i am on road 99% of the time and i find it works fine when my knobie wares down i will put a road trail on it but i have no trouble and if i want to get off road i know i have the grip it works for me.
  3. IN fact as i sit here having an afternoon beer and looking at the klx ... i like the knobie on the back looks like it means business so i recken i will put another knobie on it when this on wares down and i am riding it in City traffic wet and dry so far no problem try it if you want dont let hear-say make your mind up have a go mate ... the spice of life :p
  4. I love how flippin CHEAP the stock Dunlop tires are for the KLX. And while it does squirm around a bit on the knobbies on pavement, they still have surprisingly good grip.

    I've seen D-Trackers wearing everything from dirt tires to race slicks and everything in between- it's really up to the rider to decide what works best for them so try different tires and see what suits you best.

    I keep two sets of wheels for the Versys, one wearing road tires, the other wearing dual sport tires. Makes the Versys that much more Versatile ;)

    Many KLX owners buy a set of D-Tracker wheels so that they can run standard street tires when they're not riding off road.

    Happy Trails!

  5. I would consider 2 wheelsets, I have both 18/21 with dirt or dual sport and 17 inchers with currently sport tyres on for day to day and tar riding. Swapping them over is 20 minute job and it makes the bike so much more adaptable.

    If your just looking for 17 inch dual sport options you could do a lot worse than the distanzias (theres 2 tyre compounds in the super moto sizes.. make sure you know what your buying) and I also like the anakee 2's but unsure if those are here in Thailand.. Pairoj has the distanzias.
  6. I went into the Kwaka shop today and after a general bit of faffing around, the lady reckoned she could order me a set of Pirelli mt60's for D-Tracker set up (110/70-17 front and 130/70-17 rear), as they had none in stock. Estimated two week delivery and 10,000 baht including fitting and balancing. I was a wee bit sceptical and as I need to go away soon, I told her to hold fire for now.

    Just as well maybe, as I just checked the Pirelli website and they don't come in these sizes...

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