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Discussion in 'Ducati Motorcycles in Thailand' started by Renzobkk, Jul 31, 2012.

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    Hi Guys
    Hi Guys,
    time to make room in my bike closet so i am here to sell some clothing / accessories.

    As you can see i selling some in set some separated. Please don't ask me to break down what come in set.

    The size is XL and XXL although I must say that the difference is very minimal.

    SET 1
    10 T-Shirt short sleeve (7 black - 2 white -1 red)
    7 T-Shirt long sleeve (6 black - 1 red)
    5 Polo tall black
    Price only 17,500 baht

    Many of these have been worn once for representation party and then stored in a cabinet with perfect attention.



    SET 2
    - Sweatshirt Ducati Meccanica Great Look. XXL
    - Ducati Vintage Leather Jacket in PERFECT XXL
    Price 15,000 baht.


    Please contact me for more detail.
    Thanks to All!

    I hope i don't post in the wrong section. If so please, accept my apology!

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