Ducati court case settled but no solution to fuel tank problems .

Discussion in 'Ducati Motorcycles in Thailand' started by monsterman, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. The huge private class action court case against Ducati with over 25,000 plaintiffs, has been settled ,Ducati have aggreed to replace any fuel plastic tank that fails up to 5 years after bike is manufactured or 18 months from end of court case .....however there is still no future proof solution about the plastic tank deformation due to E10 gasohol and the case did not take into account cases appearing in Europe of Ducati tank deformation using only E5 gasohol.

    The US government is still pursuing a seperate safety investigation into the plastic fuel tank issue which may yet force a real solution from Ducari as the present situation is clearly unsatifactory in that in 5 years time what will owners of ducatis do when the fuel tanks disintegrate ...buy another faulty tamk at huge cost ......The EU are also now getting interested in the problem and already aftermarket players are planning steel, aluminium and Carbon fibre replacement tanks .
  2. I just got my Duc in Feb and I believe its sitting in Bkk right now with a full tank of Gasohol. I will refrain from using it in the future when possible but I will not be back in bkk for another month. How long does it take to damage the tank?

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