Ducati Monster 795 - License/Registration fee

Discussion in 'Ducati Motorcycles in Thailand' started by cdrw, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. FWIW...
    I recently visited the Ducati dealer, in Pattaya, and was told that the current fee for licensing and registration of a new 795 is 2,500-Bt. Not bad!

    HOWEVER, I was also informed that...effective July 2012, the fee will raised to 15,000-Bt.
  2. Licensing?
  3. Sounds like a dealer scam to me...
  4. I dunno know it there are already owners of the new Thai build Ducati AND have their green book already?
    When I was at the Ducati dealer in Pattaya I was talking to a guy who bought one a few weeks ago and he had just received his red plates!
    No word on whatsoever about when the green-book and real plates would arrive.
    I all the paperwork is OK then getting a green-book and license plate should not take longer as 1 week, so I am wondering what Ducati is doing?
    No emission certificate yet? No tax certificate yet?

    Chang Noi

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