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  1. glitzy showrooms in Bangkok, CM, pattaya etc but spares support is aweful even basic service items , not in stock at the 2 main dealers I went to,all i need is a fuel tank filter and O ring ,belts and some valve shims and seals all standard service items , OK my duke is 12 years old but Brians newish diavel is waiting for parts for last 6 weeks and it only requires a 12,000 mile service?no belts in stock in thailand ???none of the special rear Diavel tyres ?? he is not impressed .

    I am going to UK next week parts are in stock at all dealers there .i normally keep stock of all these items myself ,but assumed that now Ducati are serious in Thailand that spares would be available....TIT
  2. Are the service items for the locally made 795 the same as the ones for your bike?
  3. Dunno but brians diavel is a thai built one ????
    I think that production of bikes in thailand has no effect on spares support ,,,that is down to good managment and willingness to hold basic stocks in the dealerships and supported with more stock which Ducati should keep at a central point and distibute , and not rely on supply from a warehouse in Italy .
  4. No one wants to tie up the cash flow in stock..
    You would expect the faster moving bikes to have the basics for a service..

    Should add.. Same for Kawasaki in Pattaya.. Have to order everything...
  5. Locally assembled as about 87% of the 795 parts are imported.
  6. got 2 Orings correct size from chines lady in naklua she runs a brilliant motor factors , can get alsmsot any bearing etc within days she had the correct orings in stock 50 baht each so hve one spare ..., Oh the ducati price for one oring is 420 baht and at Uk dealer its £9,45
  7. went to ducati today for standard Ducati spark plugs used in all latest models ....guess what er NO stock or from Italy if you want????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But chatri at Road bike had some .....
  8. Barcelona the same .... wanted air filter for my LT ... reply.... have too order ... 2-3 weeks :-( ... TiT !!!!!
  9. Really? They're that bad, yeah?
    They've been pretty good with me though as others have said, they do need to pay more attention to their stock levels.
  10. no probably not, but ive had a couple of bad experiences so i decided to buy the tools and start doing everything myself a few years ago.im sure there are some ducati dealers that take pride in what they do but i find it hard to trust them and end up having to strip the bike back down to check everything anyway.If they cant get simple stuff like correct torque specs for bolts right, how can you rely on them to adjust your valves ect.As for buying my stuff i get on the internet and in a couple of mins its done and i wait 10 days and its here sometimes earlier.You may pay a little bit of tax but it still works out cheaper and you know your getting the right stuff.Just my 2 cents worth
    Having said that if your bike is still under warranty and your happy with your dealers service well you got nothing to worry about
    .cheers Greg
  11. Yeah, you have a point. The head mech is trained in Italy but he now works mostly in a supervisory role. The day-to-day mechanics there come across as very 'Thai', if you know what I mean.
  12. TIT ...

    I am in UK filling my bags with spares for when i get back to Thailand
  13. Not so in CM. One of the great things about Kawasaki Chiang Mai is they have a warehouse full of spares. So far nothing I needed had to be ordered, they had everything. Amazes me every time.
  14. Recently had my 12000km service done at Ducati the day before going on a 800km weekend ride up to Sangkhlaburi and back, half way through the trip I checked my chain tension to find it was really tight, like little or no slack, and not having the tools couldn't do anything about it. So when I got back took it straight back to Ducati to complain, they generously readjusted it for free, but when challenged on whether it would have done any damage to the chain, sprockets, or drivetrain all I got was dumb looks. Like everything seems to be ok but I worry that it might have prematurely worn the gearbox bearings or something like that? I'll certainly be checking my chain tension in future before I leave the shop.
    As far as spare parts go I can't really comment but the quality of their workmanship should be better, they certainly know how to charge you for every little thing.
  15. piano string tight chains are very common errors by Thai technicians in thailand as are tyre pressures set as hard as they can pump them 50,50 even 80psi!!!!!!!!, always check what they have done , its unlikely they use torque wrenches too or understand the workshop manuals .
  16. I just returned today with suitcases bulging with spares for myself and a few other people and what makes it worse is that i have been out of Thailand for 4 months and my spares have arrived before the local main dealers can get them????????

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