Early Mekong Boat Trip

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  1. An early Mekong boat trip.
    Hired a boat & sailed from Houei Xai down to Pak Beng.
    Meow's first trip in Laos, about year 2000.
    5 Swiss + Meow & I.
    We didn't need a big boat, only 1 bike & 7 people. A smaller boat would suffice.
    The boat crew weren't happy about trying to fit the AT in the boat & wanted to stow it on the bow....



    I wasn't exactly enthralled with this idea, & after they'd "tied" it down I was able to convince them No No.
    It goes in the boat...

    which it did, sort of & just.

    So off we went sailing down the 'Khong to glorious Pak Beng

    chilling out & drinking beer.

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