EJK on D TRACKER 300cc and HONDA CRF Thailand

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  1. Hi all and Happy New Year 2016

    I sure your all enjoying your machines and I must say from a young age of 10 have been riding and loved every minute of it. Those week long trips in the Alpines climbing mountains of a 90 degree pitch and worse. These are the tests of true endurance riding. Honda XL 185 and XR 200 were perfecr specimens for a 15 year old. How the game has changed........... I ride a KAWA 250 D TRACKER with a 300 fit and custom cams, pipe, filter and of course the USA EJK.. My name is Tom and I are the EJK rep in Thailand and also tech adviser. People often ask what is the better bike the KLX or CRF... For me there both great bikes. I like the KLX its lighter more grunt and suits my riding style. I never thought I would ride KAWA. But as I say things change.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            EJK will also make a very noticable impact on your standard bike. It is also reprogammable for any bike conversions.

    Orders or questions please contact myself :)

    Thomas  technical distributor Thailand.

    Email : [email protected] / 0888103475
  2. Hi Tom,

    Welcome on Board! Glad to here there is a EJK rep here in Thailand. I have one on My CRF250L. I fitted it at the same time as I fitted the FMF Full System Mega Bomb and Power Core 4 Exhaust System. I also removed the Airbox Snorkle! Made a Massive difference to it. I also have the KLX250 with a Full System but No Fuel Programmer. They go Similar I think but the CRF is nicer to Ride.

    I also have a New EJK for My CFMoto Z800ex Buggy but haven't fitted it yet as I am still waiting for the Exhaust System to Arrive.

    Do You have a Website that Lists all the Vehicles EJK is avalible for? And information as in are they set before You deliver them and Prices etc?

    Good Luck.
  3. Hello Ian,

    Yes the EJk makes a great difference indeed. This is due to the great research and development of the product. The boys in the US and the programming and testing department.

    We have a application for most makes excluding KTM and some Ducati models.

    Standard factory bike, no modifications. The EJK on most models will still offer a big impacyt on the current fuel mapping also.

    STAGE 1  : Exhaust and Air filter

    STAGE 2 : Exhaust, Air filter and Big Bore kit

    The EJK will be delivered ready to install and ride out of the box. Based upon your bikes existing setup. Although it still has room for fine tuning by the customer.

    Cost in the current currency market delivered is around 9,000 Baht. We will offer all service in setup of EJK.


    Tom : 0888103475

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