endurance exhaust for CBR150R?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Klaus, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. I've been googling "Endurance exhausts" and checking all kinds of info with no success. Where, oh, where, can I get some onfo on an Endurance exhaust system for a CBR 150? There's lots of talk about it in the websites and even photos, in indonesian and malay languages, then it says: "Endurance exhaust Thailand" but I can't find any info!!
    Does anyone who knows about about pocket rockets know where to get info on price, availability and model range of these rare exhaust systems...?? -- -- I would be forever grateful!
  2. Klaus do you want the complete exhause or just the can.

    Where are you?

    I'm sure there is something available near Saphan Kwauy BTS in BKK.

    Have you been to your local motorbike shop and asked?

    Have you changed bikes I thought you wanted an Arrow system for a Boss, Phantom or something.

    We don't mind helping but only after you have exhauted (sic) all other avenues.
  3. TSSK Co. Ltd. in BKK sells the endurance exhaust and other parts for the CBR150, but I'm sure that many local bike parts shops can source this exhaust for you as it is often mounted on sonic's, ksr110's, etc.

    check out TSSK's site (though no prices mentioned):


    TSSK CO., LTD.
    23/94-95 MOO13,
    BANGKOK 10230
    Tel: 662-9359226/7
    e-mail: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    web site: www.faddybike.com
  4. Hi Guys,
    I am impressed GypsyRider!!! I hope we will see some of these Mods to your New CBR? Good Web Site, Products and Pictures! Almost makes me want to get one to be one of the Boys.
    Cheers Ian.
  5. Oh that Endurance. Not the sport [:I]

    I had one on my chicken chaser. Available everywhere. As Matt says probably even in Big C. I paid 1500 Baht in Rayong.


    Faddybike has some good stuff but they are not cheap there primary business is to supply Thai/Asian parts to European Monkey bike guys at "appropriate" prices. Most of what they have is available at Saphan Kwauy.
  6. Hey Mike, you asked the right question, muffler only or complete system with header. Fact is I don't know, because I don't know what's out there. I'd love to see some kind of a catalog (or a website?!) with available products. Stainless, aluminum, black fake carbon...?
    I believe they make a complete system; mufflers for Sonics should fit; saw mufflers on automatic scooters and Waves, but they were kind of loud.
    I live in a small village and communication sucks, it's difficult to even explain a mechanic what's wrong with my 125 Wave. And if i make it to BKK, I'd like to know where to go, it's a big city and it takes forever to track something down if you don't know where to look... spent over a week shopping for a used truck.
  7. Well, I should have first followed up on Gypsy Rider's info before posting... I sent an email and will post prices here when I get them, for all the masses of CBR riders out there!
    I'm curious about the "race CDI ignition" - can you just plug it in or do you have to change cams aso?
  8. The problem with upgrading or tuning engines is that, if you want to do it right and make your bike run substantially faster/better, you have to upgrade every component in the system, in order to avoid the 'weakest link' syndrome.

    For a significant increase in the CBR150R's HP, one would have to replace the various parts that make up the 'breathing & feeding system': the carb & air filter, e.g. combine a Keihin 32mm (if I remember correctly) with K&N filter, and the exhaust system (header and muffler).

    From what I gathered, the OEM carb on the CBR150's in particular is very restrictive, so this would be the first thing to replace before modifying anything else. Of course, when one modifies the 'inhaling' part of the breathing/feeding system, one should also adapt the 'exhaling' part, and thus free up the exhaust.

    Next step-up would see replacing the CDI unit (increase the revs) and cam shafts (increase valve opening) to make full use of the aforementioned modifications to the breathing/feeding system.

    The final step-up to really put the cherry on top would be a bigger bore and piston to increase cylinder capacity to nearly 170cc and do the porting of the head to improve the 'flow'.

    Combined, these modifications should result in a substantial increase in power/speed, but from what I read somewhere it would also double the CBR150's gas consumption. But you would definitely have a bike to surprise guys on much bigger bikes once you hit the twisties.

    Of course, with all this increase in power, you'll be entering corners at much higher speeds, so steel-braided brake lines would be a welcome addition, as well as upgraded suspension (USD forks and after-market shock absorber).

    It all depends on where you want to take this project and how much money you want to sink into this bottomless pit that bike-tuning can become (you're talking to a hopeless addict here, and hopefully my wife never finds out how much money went into turning a stock KTM 525 EXC into a worldclass full race-specs supermotard). Just replacing the muffler with a cheap 'Endurance' can is only going to increase the noise level substantially, without any significant gain in power. You might have the impression of having gained some power, but that'll be mainly due to the psychological impact of the higher noise level. You would at least have to mount a bigger carb and K&N filter in order to reap the benefits of a free-er exhaust. But a carb and filter is still a modest investment.

    When I returned from EU last week I was excited to find a nicely looking CBR150R sitting in my garage (my wife is a darling, isn't she?!). She had even bought the orange/black model so it would match well with my KTM's (She's a designer after all).

    I never thought a small road bike like the CBR150R would ever be able to get me enthusiastic, but now that I've taken it for a spin around the outer ring road, pushing it to 155km/h (down the tunnels and bridges) and the Samoeng loop, I am really surprised what a great little bike it is. I'm still getting familiar with the bike in its stock version, but the first impression is impressive!!! The bike handles very well, although the forks are undersprung (at least for my 88 kgs/190cm).

    I have to admit I'm very much tempted to turn this bike into a project, but I wonder how much such an exercise would diminish its "daily practicality" factor as a transportation/commuter bike. The purpose for getting me this bike was to allow me to commute the 41 kms one-way between my home in Hang Dong and my resort in Mae Rim. Of course, now that she has bought me this new toy, the wife has started visiting the car dealerships as she wants a new car. I tell you, shopping for cars/bikes/upgrades is a bottomless pit...

    If Ian Bungy and a few others would join the CBR150 club, we might turn it into a GT-Rider sub-chapter that exchanges info and go out together for fast & furious rides along Samoeng loop and other twisting roads...

    Klaus, please do post Faddy Bike's price list for the special parts, no use all of us emailing and annoying them with the same questions. Any other info on tuning CBR150R's is always welcome, as it will help me sustain my addiction...

    Cheers to all.
  9. The race CDI ignition is just a straight plug-in, and doesn't need to go hand-in-hand with changing the cams. But IMHO it's a complete waste of money to invest in attempting to let the engine rev higher when the 'weakest link' in the breathing/feeding system is the restrictive carb. Combined with a higher revving CDI unit, the stock carb would turn the engine into an asthma patient...
  10. Whoa, Gypsy, thanks for the extensive reply! This is a great website, very decent people posting and lots of correct info, but the riders of smaller bikes are definitely a minority. I've had a ZX900R, a 1400 Intruder and a collection of BMW K Triples and Fours and even an old XS650 in the States; here less can be more, as you discovered, too .
    I've fiddled with K&N filters and Supertrapps on my XR650L and on other bikes years ago, so I understand and agree with all the mods you mentioned. I'm not seriously trying to build a 150cc racer, I'm just bored and want to play a bit. Bought a Xtreme muffler, sounds okay, but low quality, it's turning brown after only a few 1000 kms. And the Endurance sounds good, should last a bit longer. I might bolt on a bigger carb and ditch the stock air filter, depending on costs; after all, I'm just a poor country school teacher! That should do for cruising in the area.
  11. Came across an interesting website, parts for Sonic 125, CBR125/150, and others. Sexy underseat exhaust for the CBRs... They have Keihin and Mikuni 28mm carbs, don't know what size the stock carb is; Faddybike offers the Keihin. I'll send another email, ask for the price. What about K&N air filters, where can I get those?
  12. They have Endurance exhaust you could by one and get it shipped[:)]
  13. When in BKK go on the BTS to Saphan Kwauy. Within 300m there are 3 or 4 shops. They have most stuff. You just need to be patient and speak slowly.
    The exhaust on the "Wave" in the picture is very similar to that for a 125. On a 125 there is an extra kink in the front pipe. Same price 1500 baht complete.
    The bike in the picture has racing cam, big bore carburettor facing out the side, big bore cylinder 115cc, big valve head, oil cooler, aluminium swing arm, aluminium rims, production racing tires and upside down forks (not shown). The CDI "box" didn't make any appreciable difference. I did have a didital Tach. but it only went to 9999 and blew up the first time I used the bike with avengance[8D]
    It was a fun project lasting about 18 months overall. Like building a Tamiya plastic kit, only for real. I know it is sad but in the jungle there was not much else to do.
    The bike sounded really nice without the muffler[8D]

    Oh OK I'll add the final picture. I put the basket on because in Indo they don't have baskets so it was unusual. Cosmetic stuff was imitation carbon mirrors, carbon centre cover over the frame, really thin seat and cut down rear fender/mudguard.

  14. The official importer/distributor for K&N Filters in Thailand is:

    396/14-15 Narativaj Rachanakarin Rd.,
    Chongnonse, Yannawa,
    Bangkok 10120
    Tel : 66(0) 2285-3856
    Fax : 660(0) 2285-3859
    E-Mail : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Website : http://www.fastcorner.co.th

    Their 'filter' web page:
    http://www.fastcorner.co.th/product/pro ... %20Filters

    Last christmas holidays a friend visiting from the US had brought me a bunch of K&N oil filters for my KTM's. Imagine our surprise when we read on the packaging that these filters were "Made in Thailand".

    Sadly enough, as with other products made in Thailand's B.O.I. export manufacturing zones, like Triumph bikes, the Thai made K&N filters have to be imported from the US. With the import duties added on they become more expensive here in Thailand than if you'd buy them in the US or EU.
  15. Thanks, I'll send those guys a message. - The web page is giving me the runaround, but no info.
    A stock CBR 150 carb is 3000 baht, but the dealer could not tell me what make it is or what diameter. I guess 26mm since the "race" carb is 28mm. Also found a "dB killer" for the exhaust; guess it's a bit too loud for the street.
  16. Klaus,

    Before expending lots on an imported filter have you considered modifying the airbox that contains the filter. This is a "standard" mod on an NSR 250. Ok they consume more air but the same principle may apply. You just cut a large portion out of the front of the box.


    In Thailand we can't open this so will someone from "abroad" open it and paste the picture.

    If you want to remove the airbox and instal a cone filter then you can probably find one at your local motocy shop.
  17. Hi Klaus,

    Endurance CBR exhaust system (header and muffler) stainless = 4300THB
    Endurance CBR exhaust system (header and muffler) black = Not Available
    Rear hugger = 1500THB
    Rear cowl = 1500THB
    CDI ignition unit = 4000THB
    28mm Keihin carburator = 2900THB
    10% discount can be given.
    Shipping cost by postal EMS = 300THB
    1USD is about 33.5THB
    For further information, please let me know. Thank you.

    Best regards,
  18. Above I just slapped the email I received from faddybike today with the prices. The shipping prices are to my town 400km south of BKK. 4000 baht (after discount) for the exhaust seems a bit steep, considering that an Endurance muffler for a Wave is around a thousand baht... but then again in the picture it looks like it's well made, high quality.
    Exhaust, carb, K&N filter, that's all I'm considering right now. That'll be 7 grand incl. shipping, no air filter. I wonder what that will get me? I'm not a racer, I don't want to do 170km/h on that light thing (115kg dry!), but a little more zip through the gears would be welcome, plus a good sound.
  19. Klaus forget the pipe. If you want noise do this. P8100069.

    drillout the rivet remove the baffle fiddle with it and reinsert with a screw to secure.
  20. Why not just get a NSR150, much faster and much more fun.
  21. or even an NSR250 instal a 300 conversion and go even faster.[8D][:I][:D]


    300 Mike
  22. No, I don't want to make noise - I want a deep throaty sound like I'd got with a Supertrapp on my XR650L, it sounded great and didn't scare any old ladies. The NSR 250 is a 2-stroke, right? I wouldn't put that on my bike. The muffler of a 250 Four fits, but isn't easy to get and then it's used.
    I asked my local dealer; showed him a print-out of the complete system. He said: 800 baht - I said: no way, maybe 2000, maybe 3000 baht. He siad he would find out, come back tomorrow. Next day his answer was: mai mi - he couldn't locate any Endurance pipes for a CB 150R. Mumbled something that sounded like tamluad, I think he meant that the police doesn't like Endurance pipes because they are too loud. I never ever got a ticket in this town, don't know of anybody else getting one - only one guy had his wave impounded and was asked to pay 1000 baht because he had a Endurance muffler, and it was loud. His girlfriend mediated, he got the bike back after he brought the old muffler to the station and paid 500 baht.
    I'm not spending over 4000 baht on a system of which I don't know how loud it is and how it sounds....
  23. Hmmm, looks like my local dealer was right... the Kojaks here don't mind bikes without lights, brakes, rubber, turn signals nor do they mind four kids under 13 without helmets on one brand new Nouvo, but if things gets too noisy they do pull over. Looks like the boys at aseanmoto are a bit cheaper, though - carbon for 90 Euros (who wants $$$?) sounds like a good deal!

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