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  1. Hi people,

    We will be moving to Chiang Mai next year from Phetchabun. I have a enduro bike that has no papers and although I am fine where I am in Phetchabun I am worried about passing through the road blocks in CM with it on the back of my pick up. i heard they are clamping down, can they take your bike off you if it is on the back of your car if you aren't carrying the papers? If they take it and find out there is no papers is it gone for good? Or would I pay a fine and get it back?

    Like I said it isn't a problem where I am now but I'm worried what could happen in CM. I may have to sell it if that is what I need to do but I would really just want to buy exactly the same bike! I love it.

    Any info appriciated.
  2. From past experience of trucking a Cambodian registered bike around, I was never asked about any papers for it when passing thru police blocks on the highway, I did get asked for the truck rego once. The missus said it is just "cargo" when on the truck and is not being used on the road.
  3. I drive an unregistered bike around on a daily basis. I have been caught twice in the two years that I have had it. Bike got locked up, I had to make my way down to the local police office and pay 2000 baht and got the bike back within and hour.

    I seriously doubt that you will have any problems with the bike on the back of the truck but absolute worst case scenario you are out 2000 baht and an hour of your time.

    The keep hearing about the crack down and it has never been as bad as people make it out to be. It always just turns out to be a shake down for some extra money when things are tight for the bib. Driving in Chiang Mai, the police check points are pretty predictable (although a little less so lately thus the getting caught twice) and you just make your way around them.
  4. Oh sorry and to more directly address your question. I have no registration but I do have papers for the bike. Never been asked for them when the bike gets pulled over,, just tell them I have them at home, hand over my 2000 baht and am on my way.
  5. OK, that sounds promising then. It will only ever be on the back of my truck going to and coming back from offroad rides. I can't see how they can demand to see papers for something you are just transporting and then take it if you don't have them on you.

    A local guy here (Thai) who organises a lot of the mx's showed me an offroad "lisence" that he say's helps if the police stop you as it shows you are part of a team and can arrange one for me. Anyone hear of them?

    When we move it up from Phetchabun I will bring it in two half's, just parts and basically worthless.

    Put a lot of effort into the bike, will be good to keep it!

    Also interested in what the enduro scene is like up there, must be loads of good riding? Not into competition as such, just social rides.
  6. as far as your intial worries davevb, i have 2 offroad bikes up here and regularily make trips out of the city and province both riding and on the back of a pick up. also been down to pattaya. never once was i even stopped let alone had the bikes papers checked at a police roadblock.
    as you said saying you are part of a race team if you do get stopeed should do the trick though.
    as far as the offroad scene up here, ive heard that phetchabun has some fantastic scenery and trails so dont know how it will compare to down there. but there are loads of varied tracks up here mainly heading west and farther west from samoeng.
    i think saxonator goes most sundays with his " x-crew ", i also go with a group of thai lads pretty much every sunday. im sure either party would welcome another dirt rider if you wanna come along.
    p.s what bike is it?
  7. I got stopped twice on my way down to Phuket with my Honda Wave in the back of my pick-up, guess they thought I stole it.
  8. I got stopped on the tollbooth with a bike in the back got done for an uncovered load. Best advice put a tarp over the bike then no worries 'CARGO'.
    On the tollways/expressways you also need the side bars (or so it seems from the coppers book)
  9. OK, feeling good about the whole thing after my initial concerns. I've been here long enough to know how to handle most situations at road blocks and it will be out of and back into town only, should be ok then.

    We don't move up until next April but will definitely be up for some rides with anyone, early days yet. Looking forward to it.

    It's an '07 KTM 450 EXC.


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