Enduro February 2013 around Chiang Mai/Obkahn and Samoeng/Doi Pui Video

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  1. What a great day riding, somewhere in the middle of nowhere we accidentally met with Christoph our good old friend from France on his KTM 400, so we joined forces, very nice track today. Christoph fell on a very steep section, and getting up the bike again was pretty hard and cost a lot of time and patience. See the video.

  2. awesome ride....may i know what tires are u using for the ride ?...i have a KLR 650 which i intends to do the same...:)
  3. Oh wow, my personal choice is Cobra tires 90/100, but any motocross tire will be good for this kind of terrain...cheers
  4. thks for the info :)
  5. No worries, it's a pleasure, can you do off-road riding in Penang? I love this island, have been there many times, but didn't know about motorcycle riding at all...cheers
  6. Rudi alte Socke,

    schade das ich dich nicht mal getroffen habe. Bin auf dem Weg ins kalte Land.

    Gruss Angkor !!!!!!
  7. Off road in Penang are more towards hills whereas in the mainland are much better.logger trails n river crossing n etc. I m sort of newbie in off road n m planning to get an off road bike.just dunno which one yet cos have not utilized fully the KLR 650.have upgraded the doohickey n checking which tires are suitable for some offload action. Definitely not as fast as your though ha ha ha
  8. Ankor, was heisst denn hier alte Socke, haettest ja mal anrufen koennen...Schnee und Eis ist der Preis nach der Tour fuer deinen Fleiss....Ciao Rudi

  9. Good Luck finding a nice off-road bike, I am on a Honda XR250 right now, perfect bike for Thailand, not too fast, but super reliable. Your 650 might be a little heavy for off-road, I also have a XR600, but it's only great on fast long tracks, on short single treks it overheats easily
  10. 2-3 options though. klx250 or crf250 but those two are rather expensive...rm20-23K in msia.. the cheaper will b the KTN200. thrills n spills of course the klx n crf...but the ktn is way much cheaper :) but ultimately is the rider who matters the most...he he he
  11. Yes, the rider is important, but what is the best rider, with a non-functioning motorcycle or a bad brand, I couldn't do the same on a Lifan or Keeway...not that I am saying they are bad bike, but quality has it's price and normally doesn't disappoint in a long term

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