Enduro Kanchanaburi with Baan Ricky

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    I spent the weekend enduro riding with some friends from Baan Ricky up and around Sai Yok Yai, Kanchanaburi, West Thailand. The riding was excellent, and making new friends with Ricky and others up there was awesome as well. A few words and pix below. Sorry not more of the riding, but my riding partners never slowed up enough to give me time to shoot. I did get some video, and hope to post soon, but video takes so damn long to edit.

    Brian E. (Brian_bkk) and i rode up early Saturday morning from Bangkok to Baan Ricky's, just outside of Sai Yok Yai, about 95 km northwest up the 323 from Kanchanburi Town and 220km or so from Bangkok. We arrived about 10:30 AM and met various people there. Ricky himself has had this place for several years, but it's a work progress, and he's improving it all the time, if slowly. The property fronts 323 and he's got a huge freestyle jump there along with a rather large restaurant, open to the public. Heading up the drive you have the main house on the right, and the first of several planned bungalows on the left. Further along you come to the MX Track on the left and a 2-story grandstand/gym on the right. Further along to the back gate and a few km of fields to the mountains, and access to some seriously fun enduro trails.

    We met Ricky, an Englishman/German, incredibly gracious host, and his friends Mike, a Swiss, and Michel, a Swede. Also there were Alan (Welsh) and Phil (Oz) of A-Tec racing, who lead adventure dirt bike tours out of Pattaya i guess, and their friend, another taffy, Noel. As we arrived, Ricky, Michel and a few Thai riders were out enjoying the MX track.

    After meeting everyone, getting a tour, and getting the bikes ready, Alan, Noel, Michel, Brian and I headed out for almost 6 hours of trail/enduro riding in the area north and west of Baan Rickey. We had all sort of conditions and terrain, including dirt roads, muddy double track, singe track thru forrest/bamboo, some decent altutuide gain, all through some really beautiful landscapes, including a great mountain backdrop, taro fields, pineapple fields, sugarcane, corn, etc. etc. Highlight i guess was a great trail through the jungle so fun we rode it twice.

    Back to Ricky's about 6:30, washup, and then dinner at Rick's on-site restaurant. Food was excellent Thai. After dinner about 9:00 PM we all piled into Rick's Van and he drove us to the Hin Dat Hot Springs, a perfect way to relax after a long day on the bike. The springs are great, 43C, with a cool mountain stream running along side, so you can jump back and worth from steaming hot to icy cold as you like. Refreshing, rejuvenating, relaxing... and if you listen closely enough, you can still hear those m*^&^% f(*^$&&^ Japanese colonels cavorting with their lady friends... (Sai Yok Yai is about 20 km up the road from Hellfire Pass)

    Up early the next morning for more riding. We headed south and east of Sai Yok as Brian and I were headed back to Bangkok. More excellent trails, but by the time we reach Sai Yok Noi, Alan's WR250s were acting up, so they were done for the day to make repairs. Brian and I headed south across the river and road dirt roads through the hills back to Kanchaburi and then back to Bangkok to close out the weekend.

    A great time was had by all, and really nice to meet all the boys. Rick has a real nice spread there, well situated for all kinds of fun, and we are already planning the next trip up. Thanks Rick and Alan and everyone for the great weekend!!

    Here are some pix, hope you like. Captions on top:

    Sunrise over Baan Ricky


    The main house

    The (first) bungalow, shared by me, Brian, and Noel.


    Water tower left, main house right

    Looking back towards the main house. 323 in distance. Mike in front of house.

    Viewing stand for the MX Track, with bikes and gym below

    The MX Track. Great view of the mountains in the distance.

    One of Rick's several YZ's

    Phil's bike, brought in from Oz i think

    Michel on another YZ

    Tat on the back of one of the Thai MX riders

    Some guy we met on the trail

    His friend. Check out those hands...

    Swiss Mike, at breakfast

    Woman topping peppers

    Fuel stop


    Clearing obstructions

    Going under obstructions (Brian)

    On the trail, Alan, Brian, Noel, Michel


    Self Portrait

    Noel, cathcing zome zzz'z waiting for riders to quit forking around and come on

    Michel, taking a break

    Dirt and mud

    Dinner and a movie...


    One of the wonderful views
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  3. TonyBKK

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    Wow wow wow that looks like FUN! I gotta get me a dirt bike!!! :happy2:
  4. Baan Ricky

    Baan Ricky Member

    Hi Tony you can use one of our bikes, You welcome any time,
    We also planning a party with day trip to "Pilok Vilage" on the 17-18th March can use (Street bike as well) Plan at the moment People arrive Fri Evening or Sat morning, then heading of to the DAM in Thong Pha Phum have Lunch on the Raft swim a bid, after that riding to Pilok Vilage, on the way back stop at the waterfall, then back to my place and enjoy some draft beer and barbeque.:twisted:
    Sleeping arrangements as follow Tent, Room, Bungalow, or can arrange nearby Room in Hotel or Raft (passing out in the Restaurant is a possibility as Well):crazy:
    Next Day enjoy on the Track or in the bush,
    might make Raft trip still need to finalize it exactly but that is what we got so far.
    Hope to see you soon
    and thanks everybody for the great weekend
  5. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Hi All,

    Mike couldn't have put it better..

    Great People, great venue, great trails..

    Thanks Ricky and team.

  6. a-tecracing

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    I'll take you guys out riding when ever you come up.
    I fell in love with Kanchanaburi 6 years ago, but you can never get enough of this action.
    Location, bikes, but it's the company that makes for a great weekend.
    enjoy your riding
  7. madjbs

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    What is Baan Ricky? Looks interesting.
  8. Baan Ricky

    Baan Ricky Member

    Hi "Baan" in Thai Means House or Place, So you could say Ricky"s Place in English.
    We are about 220Km West of Bangkok.
    Well I'm Rick and I think I'm one of this Petrol infected guys, I used to race in Europe Motocross when I was 17 until 22 ( not very good LOL)
    then I stopped because of Family and money :-x 15 Years Later here in Thailand since 2002 Started again and I bought this Place first 5 Rai now 35 Rai (1 Rai = 1600sqm)
    we building a Enduro and Motocross Resort now finished at the moment, 1 bungalow, 1 more Bungalow in about 1 month, a Supercross Track, and 2 Cycle tracks beginning of Mar we Build one more Motocross Track, Gym and Restaurant with Karaoke,.
    It is a work in process, but We welcome any body who likes bikes.
    I got 5 Motocross bikes and ( 3 YZ250F 2009, 1 YZ125 2005, 1 YZ85 2009) what you can Rent any time.
    Normally I'm during the week in BKK and on the weekend in Kanchanaburi.
    If you got any questions let me know.
    or Check in FaceBook "Baan Ricky" or "Rick Gyles"
    Keep Riding
  9. madjbs

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    Wow, that sounds awesome. I want to do some off road riding so I would love to come down when you are finished.
  10. Baan Ricky

    Baan Ricky Member

    Well finished:roll: not sure when but you are welcome any time from now.
    just give me a call a few days before, Rick 0892194869
    let me know what kind of riding you want to do so I can make sure we sort the right stuff out for you,
    My Goal is who ever come have to enjoy, otherwise I haven't done my job right.
    :lol-sign: take care hope to hear from you soon

    BLACKFLAG New Member

    Hi everyone

    I'm a passionate Motocross rider and i have been riding at Baan Ricky recently, locals call it Ricks place. What i discovered up there in Sai Yok was definitley an offroader's dream :DThe bike arsenal Ricky has is impressive and all the bikes are kept in a immaculate condition. There was a great international crowd from all walks of life, with one common passion: riding DIRTBIKES
    An additonal bungalow is built and a brand new track is beeing realized these days. There is really something for every dirtbike rider out here...2 stroke MX bikes, 250 YZF and some trail bikes. Some guys at Ricks are experienced riders and would take some of the people out on some cool trail riding trough the bamboo forest. I found it really doesn't matter the riding skills you have, as long you want to have a great time on bikes or just experience some great adventures, thats the place to come and meet really cool people. Food was excellent too in their own restaurant!

    here are some action pictures of Ricky and some other riders shredding the supercross track...
    The trail riding in the Bamboo forest just outside of Ricks was awesome!
    :happy5:see you soon on the track again!!

    Thanks for everything and see you guys soon.

    best regards to Rick


    PS: For the ones that seek some more information go to Facebook and look for /baan ricky or follow the link below...cheers



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