Enduro Sonkran Adventure Video 2013

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  1. What is the best way to escape the water war in town during Sonkran, take your bike and take it for a spin around the mountains of Northern Thailand.
    This time we took our bikes direction Mae Wang and started exploring more around this area, luckily we could find some nice new terrain. I only took a few photos with my handy and they are not worse sharing, so here the video to this episode. Hope You enjoy watching....Cheers
  2. Yup, really enjoyed. Good riding skills. Liked the video editing too. Keep it up!
  3. Thanks a lot, always appreciate bikers liking my staff
  4. The buckets of water and especially the ice water are quite welcome out on the dirt bike this time of the year.

    First day of Songkran we joined some Thais in the river,riding gear an all, in Ob Khan NP after a hot dusty day on the dirt....lovely :)
  5. Hey Rudi, that's pretty cool =- you're getting good at the vdo editing (& with the music :wink:).
    I have to ask though - what's with the no gloves at the start?
  6. OMG, you got me, I didn't wear glove....grrrrhhhhhh. As George was installing his flat side carb on his XR, I took mine for a spin around the lake and forgot my gloves. But I already forgot my hair in some saloon a while ago, so does it really matter? How are You big boss, haven't seen You for long
  7. Yes, that's absolutely the best
  8. Rudi, glad it was only a short spin. Ha Ha. I'm doing well, a good high season. just a bit sore right now from getting knocked off the Versys by a Scooby. Grrh!:mad:
  9. Well you know, things like that happen, lucky it wasn't a rhino hitting you there
  10. Looks like you had a lot of fun during Sonkran, not that I hate it, but too many drunks and lunatics out there, so I'll skip it, if my son let me....
    On the other side it was so damn hot, that I was soaked from the sweat and tears

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