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  1. To a ping to be found. Mechanic ran it up 120 not a good diea considering it didn't have KLM on it.

    Here is the problem runs hotter then it ever has and only firing on one pistion, Got fire to the spark plugs.

    This is the first time I have ever seen the heat light and oil light on except when starting.

    Ok what comes to mind for me is timing. Because of the excess heat, cylnder not firing correctly.

    I made sure this time no water inlets were blocked by cylicone and had the clyners hones so the clearance is perfect, between it abd the pistion's

    Why timing, First mechanic really screwed things up, which led to the rebuild. I don't think he sit the timing and the guys who rebuilt just put back the way they got it.

    Make any logic?
  2. Well to share what I learned in this process. The overheating were caused by he mechanic faling to adjust the valves properly. Once adjusted cooled right down.

    The crazy electric problem engine ground wire, a failing to use proper connectors on the battery. added a new engine ground wire form the started to the negative of the battery. The negative poll had an improper bolt and nut on it, put a proper nit and bolt on it and my engine was no longer missing. Onbe last twaek to be doen rebuild the carb. Working on the now.

    Simple stuff really but, it can drive you crazy. Hope this becomes of some help to someone in the future.
  3. Well done Ray. Good info as well.

    You've certainly taken a lot of time and done a lot of work on the bike. Hope the card rebuild will end your little nightmare.
  4. Well after going throgh all the Thai Mechanics I knew with negative results. A local Brit Mechaninc took it on. Shoddy rear plug wire. took in three times for that to be cahnged. Maybe the reason they didn't want to mess it. 16 baht

    Still backfiring, and a very slow rate in decreasing RPM's. Culprit air leak at the intake manifold. Somoene had worked on it before had all kinds of rubber goop around the place where the carb holder goes and the O rings shot. The Thai Mechainic's answer make the carb richer to compensate for the air. Never mind your pumping fuel into a dead cylnder.

    I have to say a lot of Thai mechainics really let me down this time. I guess if I had to pick somehting I had told them three different times to change the plug wires.I did get a new rectifier added. But, I needed it. We checked the coils and changed the plugs back to my original Platiinum plugs. So we still aren't gettign what we want. I accidently knocked a coil wire off.

    When we got to the IC Ignitor. got to have a Kawasaki meter to check it. Lucky I had a friend that has the same bike a I did. Put, it on his bike and it worked fine.

    The Mecianic knew how to work on a carb so we could cut way back on the order.

    You know I'm the first one to support a good Thai Mechanic. That being said when five of them give you back a piece of crap and tell you it's fine. Did the Thai mecahincs have the knowledge I'm sure some of them did.

    The Brit has the knowledge, so where was the difference. The willingness to go one step further till he found the real problem,. To me that is really sad, shows no price in workmanship.

    The other place I really got let down Red Baron and Dr. Bike would no help on ordering parts. They just couldn't be troubled.

    So after months of frustration and throwing money at the problem Eveything can be resolved for $200.00

    I will post what the end order is, part of it is I bought some specific bolts and ordered a new radiator cap.

    A friend will mail it to me usong USPS intrenational flat rate, save a lot of money on shipping. Now that I know what the problem is. I canceled a order for a backup engine.

    1 of 1195 - Dynojet Jet Kits Jet Kit Stage: 1 @$53.26ea.

    4 of 225AB0418 - Kawasaki - SCREW-PAN-WSP-CROS,4X18 @$2.97ea.

    1 of 43028-0016 - Kawasaki - DIAPHRAGM,5.9MM,AIR CUT VALVE @$44.56ea.

    2 of 92055-1279 - Kawasaki - RING-O,44.7X2.4 @$3.81ea.

    1 of 16065-1308 - Kawasaki - HOLDER-CARBURETOR @$21.52ea.

    1 of 92170-1632 - Kawasaki - CLAMP @$10.57ea.

    1 of 92022-1143 - Kawasaki - WASHER,6.5X16X1 @$2.97ea.

    1 of 92009-3805 - Kawasaki - SCREW,6X18 @$2.97ea.

    1 of 49085-1067 - Kawasaki - CAP-ASSY-PRESSURE @$27.14ea.

    Subtotal: $182.49
    Shipping: $20.77 via UPS Ground
    Estimated Delivery: 7/16/12 - 7/19/12
    Sales Tax: $0.00
    Total Amt: $203.26

    I guess in the end I got chance to learn never unhappy about that. The other thing if you don't think what your being told is correct. Don't give up. I spent a lot of time in research. Posting questions on a every forum I could think of and was turned on to one that is just a Vulcan forum. You know I wanted this bike in the first place or would never have ordered the piston's and valves. This bike is mine customized with what I like I wasn't going to walk away. The thopuhg hit me about the 900. But, heck I'm 65 know how much longer will I be riding. Buying the bike woudl have only been the first step probaly another 150K to make it the way I want it.

    So I still have my Phantom on steriods;)
  5. Way to go Ray !

    Amazing what a bit of stubborness and bloody-mindedness can achieve.

    I think you will have earned a nice little ride on your lovely mia noy.
  6. I think it will really be the intake manifold that ends this the carb is just icing on the cake.

    I'm hoping as well, but until these things are fixed I won't know for sure.

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