English expat Biker Killed

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  1. Saw a GSXR in 2 pieces laying on the footpath on Moon Muang road earlier today.
    It did not look good.

    Later on in Piston Shop Khun Nat advised that the rider was English Steve West.

    Supposedly the accident happened in the early hours around 2AM, with the rider hitting a pickup / songtaew.
    Whatever the circumstances, yet another sad & tragic loss.
    My condolences to Steve's family & friends.
    RIP Steve.
  2. Just got back from the first night of ceremonies for Steve. He was a good friend and a good rider. Similar to Simon Grant's tragic death, it's unlikely we'll ever get a 100% fix on exactly what happened but from speaking with a friend who was riding with him, it appears to be a machine malfunction rather than rider error so those negative people who associate late night = alcohol = accidents can take a back seat here please.

    Steve was a top bloke, a Scotsman and merchant seaman by trade who spent his shore leave riding the roads we all love here in the north. He will be sadly missed by many and if you feel like paying respects to a downed brother, his funeral is this coming saturday at Wat San Kayom and below is a link to Google maps. Ceremony starts at 11:30. Wear black or white.




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