Entering cambodia from laos

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  1. hello, wer're about to leave lao in just a few days and want to spend the next 2 weeks in cambodia, then go all the way back to malaysia.

    we know we can get visa on arrival in cambodia for 20 usD.

    I've spent the past hour reading into how to get the bike in, looked at this forum and at rideasia.net but still, i'm not sure what to do - should we try to get a temporary import slip? or just go for it?

    Should we try to buy a local license somewhere, or just don't worry about it and pay the fines?

    and lastly, what about motorbike insurance? we are currently on a 1 month lao insurance and still have thai insurance and malay aswell (wierd, i know...), but i guess both won't cover us in cambodia, so what can we do? just hope for the best?

    thanks for any help :)

    max and theresa

    ps: i'll post ride reports once we get home, no point doing it on a dial up connection somewhere deep in lao -.-
  2. oh and I forgot, I assume it is possible to enter at the lao/cambodia crossing and leave at a cambodia/thai, is this correct?

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