Entry into Cambodia from Thailand Chong Chom/O'Smach border

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  1. I've just entered Cambodia from Thai land crossing the border at Chong Chom/O'Smach and there was absolutely no problem with the crossing. I have Australian plates and a BMW (GS) so I was more of a spectacle than anything else to the Thais as they rarely see bike of this size in the area. The Cambodians didn't even care. They never asked to see papers, rego, or anything, just a passport and valid visa.

    The road south of O'Smach was pretty poor, it is littered with potholes and is dirt for the entire ride to the main Sisophan-Siem Reap highway (also dirt for 33kms to Siem Reap). The going is slow, about 40-60kms/hr at best but it is scenic and I didn't care that the 130km ride to Siem Reap would take all day. The small villages on the way are well worth spending some time in as there are many photo ops and the food is great.

    After Siem Reap I'll be touring Cambodia and then trying to get into Vietnam... if that fails then it'll be off to Laos.
  2. Good luck with your trip. Forget making plans to get into Vietnam with the bike. Laos is nice second choice now only a 7 hour ride from PP.
  3. i've just finished my trip Thai Cambodia Laos last week, I've try to cross to Vietnam for 3 borders from Cambodia Phnom Den/Kamm Samnor/Bavet Almost to entered to Vietnam at Bavet . I've no problem with VN Custom, but problem is VN Police , if you need to cross with bike you'll need certificate from Police also,. """"

    I've no idea about this, but i'll try again this april maybe i've to pay for " processing fee" or tea money to police,( I think its'nt to do like that)

    I've have Thai regis Bike 125 cc ..
  4. Quite possibly right but we won't know if wdon't try. It has been done before, all we need is for the police to be looking the other way for a few minutes and we could make it through to Vietnam... we are planning on going to the busiest border crossing then mabe they won't pay so much attention to us. Will create a new post to advise what happens.

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