ER6 Ride in Chiang Mai

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by HTWoodson, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. HTWoodson

    HTWoodson Ol'Timer

    There are so many ER6 owners riding around Chiang Mai now! I meet someone new every time I stop by the Kawasaki dealership. I was thinking it would be fun to do an ER6 themed day ride sometime this month or next, if there is enough interest. Are there any ER6 riders that would want to meet up for a day ride this month?

    er6n_wheelie2.jpg ER6nWheelieBKK1.
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    ER6 riders, please join in...all riders welcome.
  4. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Pretty Impressive Wheelie!!! The Orange ER6 is in Thailand, has a Thai Plate and Rego Sticker in the Green holder :wink: Reminds Me of a Rossi, aka "Happy Feet" Wheelie, He is the Expert of Long smooth Wheelies standing on the Pegs, Great to Watch!!! I don't have an ER6 but many friends do. The Best Changes I have seen so far are the addition of "Fat Bars" improving Looks and Handling with Stability and Control and getting Rid of those Ugly Narrow standard Bars. Tail Tidy also looks Great and Eliminates the Ugly rear Guard. A Friend recently added an Ohlins Rear Shock and is well impressed!!!
    All in All a Great Value for Money Bike. 8)
  5. thaicbr

    thaicbr Ol'Timer

    Liam. when are you thinking of the trip?
  6. HTWoodson

    HTWoodson Ol'Timer

    Well, I was thinking before the end of August, but there doesn't seem to be much interest. Guess there aren't many ER6 riders on GTR or ThaiVisa.

    I'd try and organize though Kawasaki Chiang Mai, but no one there speaks more than a few words of English. I speak a bit of Thai but not enough to organize an event.
  7. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Ah- I know there are a bunch of other ER6 riders on this and other forums- where are you guys? Out riding and no time for the forums perhaps :wink:

    Anyway Liam- I'd still be up for a ride, though if someone would do me the kind favor of buying my ER6n then I'll ride up on my new ER6f (um, I mean Ninja 650R) :wink:

    Happy Trails!


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