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  1. Hi all,
    picked up my new ER6N yesterday in Pattaya and have incessant backfiring on shut off from the Two Bros Exhaust I purchased.
    According to Khun Nam (mechanic in Pattaya Kwaka) it can not be fixed. Would anyone be kind enough to offer any suggestions - (i.e a power commander) that might cure this? Or is it the case that it is part and parcel with this exhaust?

    Also, 2 be honest - its a bit louder than I like - any suggestions here (other than the obvious).

    Many Thanks,
  2. Two Brothers Exhausts are all Incredibly Loud and in My opinion sound Crap :twisted: Buy an Arrow Exhaust if You have a Chance as they seem to be the way to go on the ER6, Great Looks and Sound. Tony is the Guy to ask about what to add as He has had the ER6n and the Ninja. I think He added the juice Box and a Power Commander?
  3. Hi Jack,

    Can't you make a quick test coming back to the stock exhaust?
    At least you should know if it comes from 1) injection/engine or 2) exhaust...
    In case ≠1 Kwaka must do something IMHO...

    And yes Two Brothers exhausts are very, very loud! :roll:

    Good luck,
  4. Backfiring doesn't mean the exhaust is no good, Kwaka should check fuel injection and valve clearance ! Cheers, FR
  5. All hearsay but I have heard from others that particularly with the two bros, there's a lot of backfiring.

    The stock exhaust also has the occasional backfire, but it's pretty rare.
  6. Many thanks to all for your responses.

    Simply put, I took my bike for a lengthy ride and spoke with another ER6 (F) owner who has the same exhaust and the same issues (too loud and backfiring).

    I now agree that the 2 Bros exhaust sounds crap and simply has to go.

    After reading reviews and listening to respective sounds on YOUTUBE I have ordered a scorpion exhaust.

    Many thanks again for everyones input.

    If anyone wants to buy an almost new Carbon Fiber 2 Bros - please let me know - it'll be cheap...
    Safe riding and Happy Christmas to all
  7. It happens quite frequently when the original exhaust on a fuel injected bike is changed for a more free flowing one. It was very bad on the FZ1 I borrowed. For the Yamaha there is an electronic solution available from the web.
    I have changed the OEM exhaust on my Ninja 650R to the Akrapovic exhaust. Big saving of weight, better looks, maybe small improvement in performance. Much sportier sound, not too loud as I have left the baffle in. No backfiring as matched to the OEM fuelling. O2 sensor port so proper control at different altitudes.
    I am not a supporter of the Loud Pipes Save Lives, they also wake up and disturb a lot of people in Urban areas and in the little villages.
    We have to be more skilled with our roadcraft on the bike and should not need to frighten people out of our path.
  8. "We have to be more skilled with our roadcraft on the bike and should not need to frighten people out of our path."

    I agree fully, John...
    No need to be loudy to frighten people: better to care our riding behavior when we go through...


  9. ++ absolutely.
  10. Have had a Two Brothers exhaust on the SRX4, too loud, would never use a product from them again, frightens not only the chicken in each village. Use a Supertrapp on the SRX6 which gives a hearable warning to any Wave upfront but is still silent enough to go through villages without wakening up the whole neighbourhood. Doesn't have any backfiring as ignition, valve timing and intake/carbs are adjusted the right way.
    Forgot to mention, ER6N is injected so backfiring may also have it's reason in the flyvalve which controls the airflow in the exhaust. Have heard some backfiring on HTWoodson's and TonyBKK's ER6N & NINJA650R. Both have aftermarket exhausts. Cheers, FR
  11. Yea, mine was always backfiring too, but with the stock exhaust it wasn't very noticeable. The TwoBros I have on there now is so loud and backfires so much that it sounds like an artillery salvo when I'm engine braking down a hill. If I had it to do again I definitely wouldn't buy the TwoBros; it's just way too loud and I always feel like an a**hole when I'm riding though a village.

    I think TonyBKK did something to his ER6 that cut down on the backfiring, I remember him saying something about it. Tony?
  12. EFI bikes still need richening up when free flowing exhausts are fitted if the standard ECU cannot be tweaked than a Power commander, powercard or some such unit will be required.
  13. I don’t want to sound too technical but the term “Backfiringâ€
  14. Good Post Brian...
    To me, a real backfire is when it pops out the carbie... always happened on my Datsun with quad 36mm chokes into a 1790cc engine...

    Although I still use the term backfire for ingitting fuel in the exhaust... extra fun when you do it on purpose by closing the ignition with the throttle wide open... :) :lol:

  15. Daewoo, your description of the Datsun made me chuckle. I have many fond and humourus memories of guys desperately throwing sand on their burning bike around the carby area after a huge backfire started a fire. Happened to me also.
    In addition, I remember many of my mates scaring the hell out of people with huge backfires by turning the ignition off and on as you said. I am still smiling now as I write this post. Great fun at the time !!!
  16. Brian66, perfect and helpful explanation :lol: !!! Many thanks for this; one never stops learning..... :wink:, hopefully that helps the ER6N and NINJA650R users. I just must chuckle imagening going to the CNX shop and explaining the mechanic what to look for & do.... :? , cheers, FR
  17. When I ditched the stock can on my ER6n in favor of a TWO BROS can I also experienced a lot of backfiring.

    The three things I did that greatly reduced the backfiring were:

    1) Installed a Juice Box Fuel Injection Controller that comes programmed for the bike and exhaust.

    2) Plugged the PAIR valve to reduce/eliminate air in the exhaust.

    3) Installed an ignition booster which increased horsepower and torque and probably created more complete combustion leaving less unburned fuel to cause backfiring in the exhaust.

    (BTW, I have to agree with those of you who say the TWO BROS is a bit too loud- though at times it was pretty fun being a hooligan on that bike :mrgreen:) I have the Arrow on my Ninja 650R and find it a bit more agreeable, though still quite loud with baffle removed.

    Happy Trails!

  18. Tony, your ARROW sounds perfect as is John's Akrapovich, though both give the bike a different note, yours is throaty over the whole rpm-band, John's getting screaming at higher revs I experienced (and that's again a personal opinion as I drove John's up in Mae Rim, was it an Akrapovich ? :? , yours I just heard from behind.... :D ). Today I saw Juergen leave the X-Centre with a stock exhaust, what a difference. Had the same with the SRX'ses, one 400 was on stock, sounded like a Wave, the 6 is now with a Supertrapp, much more character to that one :lol: , Liam's (HTWoodson) a real awakener :wink: ..........Cheers, Franz
  19. Thanks for the brilliant post Brian!

    Happy to learn a bit more about EFI motorcycle engines...



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