ER6n RR Track Bike Project

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. ER6n RR Track Bike Project :happy5:

    Decided last night to convert the ER6n to a dedicated track bike and started stripping her down-
    Pulled the airbox baffles, plugged the PAIR valve, installed the PCV and Autotune.

    These lightweight new adjustable billet aluminum rearsets will replace the massive stockers.


    Of course I won't have the passenger pegs installed on the track bike :mrgreen:

    Will mount some Pirelli Diablo Supercorsas-
    Waiting for sport bars and a TWO BROS to arrive from the US and she'll be ready to roll!

    Steel lines and EBC HH pads are on their way. Will drop the front as far as the sport bars will allow and see how she handles with otherwise stock suspension before I consider some suspension upgrades down the road.

    Should be FUN! :mrgreen:

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  2. Well done Mate, Looking Good! A new Rear Shock will be essential I think? The Ohlins made such a difference to My Bike I wish I had of fitted it ages ago. Good Luck.
  3. Cheers Ian,

    Definitely can't go wrong with Ohlins. Other options I'm considering include YSS (made in Thailand, cheap, mixed reviews) and Matris (excellent reviews and incredibly expensive). Need to do a bit more research before I choose one.

    Ride On!

  4. Looks great ... but I am not yet prepared for so many changes to my girlfriend, even so I would love her to be a little more "mud able". For the time being, I am looking for the best alternative tires, as the originals have done their time. Will love to see the final picture of your lady :)!
  5. Nice work Tony. That will keep you occupied for the coming wettest month of September.
    My AT goes into the shop tomorrow too.
  6. Tony - Always nice to have a dedicated track bike in yer stable. Even better that parts are inexpensive with the Thai made ER-6.

    So is there a one make race series yet running in Thailand for the er-6?

    Enjoy your new toy Tony.
  7. Thanks!

    Yes- a new 650cc class is coming- they had the first "fun race" at the last Kawasaki MiniGP in July (which I won because it was announced at the last minute and there weren't any "real" racers in the race) :mrgreen:

    There will be stock and modify class 650cc races at the next Kawasaki MiniGP. (I forget when the next MiniGP will take place and need to double check with Kawasaki).

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  8. Hi Tony, Looks like a great project. Good Luck with it.
    You may be aware that HST (Graham Knight) at the Bira Track has at least 2 race prepared ER6n's they are using as the new standard for their race school bikes. Graham says the lap times are very close to their older GSXR 750's, so you'll have plenty of close competion at Bira when your bike is finished.
    PM me any time you are ready for the HH pads.
  9. Cheers Craig,

    I saw one of Graham's ER6n track bikes and it doesn't seem like he's done much to the one I saw... That it would be able to clock times near that of a GSXR750 is quite surprising considering the big power advantage and superior suspension of the Gixxer.

    At any rate- there will be a "real" 650cc race at the next Kawasaki MiniGP on September 4th and I'm hoping my ER6n"RR" will be ready to race by then. Got the new Pirelli Supercorsas installed yesterday and am now hunting for clip ons and will dig into Red Baron's used parts wharehouse tomorrow in hopes of finding something that will work. I don't think my TWO BROS will arrive in time for the race so will pull the Arrow off my 650R and use that.

    Should be good fun!

    Happy Trails!

  10. A quick update on the ER6nRR :mrgreen:

    She's coming along nicely-

    Dropped the front end about an inch and found some clip ons that fit, but are rather short...
    I've ordered longer clip ons from the US but they won't arrive for another week or two so for now I'll make do with what I have. The throttle grip extends about an inch past the end of the right bar so I either need to trim the throttle grip or forgo a bar end... The clip ons have threaded ends but they're smaller than the stock Kawa so need to go buy some hardware to make them fit.

    Question for the pros- is it better to run with one bar end or no bar ends? :oops:

    Looking forward to trying out the Diablo Supercorsa SCs- should be great tires- they sure weren't cheap! :shock:

    Waiting on a TWO BROS from the States. If it doesn't arrive in time for the race on the 4th I'll pull the Arrow off my 650R and use that.

    Installed some sexy new rearsets and am looking forward to trying them out-

    They weigh less than half of the stock stays and are fully adjustable-

    Hoping to take her to the Bangkok Racing Circuit this weekend to try her out. Wish me luck!

  11. Ready to Roll!
    [youtube:2167ma5f] /youtube:2167ma5f]
    Happy Trails!
  12. Cheers Allan,

    Graham has similar crash protectors installed on his ER6n track bikes at BIRA. I'm trying to lose as much weight on the bike as possible and with the OEM Kawasaki engine covers being so cheap I don't think I'll bother with additional crash protectors but thanks for the link!

    Happy Trails!

  13. ER6n "RR" performed surprisingly well at the track today :thumbup:


    The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SCs combined with a one inch drop up front, clip on's below the top clamp and aftermarket rearsets have helped to make the bike very quick and agile and the stock suspension and brakes performed very well. Will hit the track again tomorrow and ask some friends to time me. No speedo so I'm curious to see if she's as quick as she feels. Kawasaki MiniGP races have been pushed back a week to Saturday Sept. 11th.
    Ride On!
  14. Thanks Tony, it will be interesting to seethe results & if you're efforts have been in vain - I hope not.

    Keep the power on!
    :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  15. Cheers David,

    Another beautiful day! 8) Down here the rainy season hasn't been very wet this year :thumbup:

    Modding bikes and trying to make the ER6 into a racer isn't "in vain" IMO. I'm not a competitive racer but I really enjoy tinkering with bikes and whether this bike can help get me on a podium or not I'm still having a great time. (I think a more competent rider could record some pretty respectable lap times with this little beastie) :happy5:

    Luke- come stretch this things legs for me- I wanna see what she can really do! :take-that:

    Off to the track!

    Ride On!

  16. Some more pics from the last two days at BIRA.




    The Silverlake Grill is the perfect place to relax and unwind and enjoy good food and amazing views after a day at the track.

    Wringing her neck!!! :take-that:

    Diablo Supercorsa SCs. Wow, what amazing tires! :clap:

    The little 650 "RR" surrounded by some big dogs! GSXR K8 and ZX10R :happy5:
    There were a couple of R1s, a Triumph Sprint ST and a BMW S1000RR too :thumbup:

    Great fun playing cat and mouse with the big bikes. They're obviously much faster down the straights but I had the advantage through the turns. Awesome! :mrgreen:

    Ride On!

  17. Here's a compilation of videos I put together from the two days at BIRA this week. We really got lucky with the weather- two perfect days in the middle of the rainy season 8)

    [youtube:kmjpbsqr] /youtube:kmjpbsqr]

    Awesome! :happy5:
  18. Another fantastic day at the track on the ER6n "RR" :mrgreen:

    Here I'm chasing a Trent on his Ninja ZX10R and Paul on his cracking Gixxer 1000 K5 and a really slow but very beautiful Ducati-

    I've definitely found the limits of the stock suspension- am bottoming out the rear and even managed to drag the Arrow exhaust through some of the corners.

    I think Ohlins will be the way to go but need to find a friend who can carry one over because if I send one in the mail I'll probably get screwed on import duty :thumbdown:

    In these vids the ER6n "RR" is the one bringing up the rear :oops: dam_n those liter bikes are fast! :mrgreen:
    [youtube:3dfgv47h] /youtube:3dfgv47h]

    [youtube:3dfgv47h] /youtube:3dfgv47h]

    [youtube:3dfgv47h] /youtube:3dfgv47h]

    Let the Good Times ROLL!

    Tony :happy5:
  19. Some helmet cam video from last Wednesday at BIRA Circuit. The first few minutes are slow but the pace picks up nicely a few minutes into the movie :mrgreen:

    ER6n "RR" chasing Ninja ZX10R and Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K5
    [youtube:2cjok0of] /youtube:2cjok0of]

    Sorry for the poor quality- it's taken with a GoProHD stuck on my helmet and next time I'll attach the camera to the bike in hopes of a more stable movie.

    Ride On!

  20. The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsas (SC2) were flippin' awesome tires, but very expensive too. (just over 12xxx Baht front and rear.) After 5 track days they're toast already. Since I'm not going to be riding this bike on the road any time soon decided to go for Diablo Superbike. Less expensive but not sure how long they'll last...

    Stripped the wheels too. What do you think?

    Ride On!
  21. Awesome Tony, just awesome, I'm sure you'll give Gerhard and Trent the creeps with the 650 on Bira 5555555555555 !! Ride on, FR
  22. Tony

    The problem with using slicks is that all slicks have a heat cycle.
    Slicks are not designed to last. They are designed to heat up to grip once.
    They will go more than once cycle but they deteriorate quickly.
    Thats not to say i do not think you should use them. I am sure you will be impressed with them. I will always use slicks.

    If you use them on a liter bike and get them up to the right heat, they will stick like, we know what to a blanket. However once you park the bike as the heat goes out of them the oil from the tyre compound will migrate to the outside. You will notice this as there will be faint rainbow colours that will appear on the rubber usually around the full lean area. The Tyre will also have a hard feeling to the rubber. A plastic feeling.
    The next time out the tyre will be slippery until it removes the oil sheen.

    I ran slicks on a fast TZ 250 and my racing 400 years ago and those smaller bikes also were able to work the heat cycle. But I could get about 2 to 3 race meetings out of the tyres.
    My liter super bikes would not work with a slick tyre that had done more than 250 kilometers. It had no grip at all.
    And, I had worn them past the wear holes on the center lean area by that many laps.

    To make the tyre work you need the heat. To get the heat you need to work the tyre hard out of corners and on the brakes. If your 650 has the grunt and can get them to that optimum temperature and then they cool completely down you will notice the difference the next time out.

    But, I suspect the 650 in its present state of tune will not punish the tyres to the point the heat cycle is reached. However the hot Thailand sun and track surface may make up for that.
    I will be interested in following your progress and see how these modern slicks perform.

    I am in the process of building a Blade track bike now so what you achieve on that 650 is a guide for me.
    You never mention handling and I would imagine that it wouldn’t be so good. The grip of the slicks will also exacerbate any handling problems.
    Spend some time tweaking that part of the bike and I think you will find many seconds will come off you lap times, especially into and through the corners.

    I hope that I can get to ride a circuit with you some day.
  23. Wow, thanks for all that info Brian!

    I'd heard talk about heat cycles and race slicks before- I'll certainly keep an eye on them after the first time out to make sure they're good and warm before whacking it on the second outing.

    I feel like I have already reached the limits of the stock suspension. I bottom out the rear through fast corners and have even managed to drag the exhaust a few times now.

    The clip ons mounted under the triple are SWEET! I was worried that I'd get a lot of vibration since the stock bars (and sport bars) are rubber mounted to the top clamp while clip ons of course are attached directly to the forks. Vibration isn't an issue but the feedback with clip ons is SO much better. Handling is lot more precise and the bike drops into corners effortlessly and with more precision. Lovin' it! :happy5:

    Other than FI (PCV) and pulling the airbox baffles I haven't done any performance mods to the engine of the ER6n. From everything I've read, short of throwing a turbocharger on it, there isn't "much" more power to be squeezed out of the 650cc twin. Or to be more accurate, the amount of money required to get more power out of the 650 is prohibitive. Law of diminishing returns and all that :mrgreen:

    Quite frankly, I'd rather put that kind of money towards suspension upgrades and/or a new bike. A few more Hp still won't make any difference against liter bikes.

    I also think the stock swingarm of the ER6n / Ninja 650R i a bit flimsy and I'm not convinced it would hold up very long with additional Hp.

    Rumor has it that the Versys will go on sale in Thailand soon- the aluminum Versys swingarm is lighter than the ER6n steel swingarm and certainly LOOKS more solid than the ER6n / Ninja 650R swingarm and paired with a better rear shock (I'm leaning towards Ohlins) I think the ER6n would benefit from the added travel of the Versys swingarm.

    I've been speaking with a YSS rep here in Bangkok and he's going to get me a YSS rear shock to try out next week. If that doesn't cut it then I'll throw down for an Ohlins.

    The Ohlins for the 2009-2010:
    Retails for around $700 in the US.

    Matris makes a fully adjustable rear shock that's received rave reviews but it's not cheap- about $1100. Can't seem to find a picture of the ER6 shock but here's an example from a different model:

    As soon as I get the YSS I'll post up some pics. I think it will retail for around 13000 Baht in Thailand but please don't quote me on that as I'm not sure it's even for sale yet from YSS

    Get that Blade sorted and let's hit it! (Is she a 600 or 1000?)

    I'm thinking that going forward I'll ride the Gixxer 1000 at BIRA and the ER6n "RR" at Thailand Circuit. The ER6n just doesn't have enough power to keep up with the liter bikes at BIRA.

    Happy Trails!

  24. Some fun vids from Thailand Circuit- a very twisty and technical track designed specifically for bikes.

    Getting to know Thailand Circuit- First lap:
    [youtube:3u6f8am1] /youtube:3u6f8am1]

    Turning up the heat a bit :take-that:
    [youtube:3u6f8am1] /youtube:3u6f8am1]

    Woohoo! :happy5:

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