ER6n track bike / road bike for sale. 180k Baht ono

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  1. Bitten by the dirt bug I haven't found time to ride by beloved ER6n track bike for almost a year now and she's looking sad and dusty so I really should pass her on to someone who will use her.

    The bike has evolved quite a bit in the three years I've had her.


    She's a 2009 (non-ABS) model that I bought from a friend in 2010.

    Long list of mods, I'll update this list as more things come to me ;)

    Dynojet Powercommander V with Autotune
    Versys swingarm
    YSS rear shock adjustable for pre-load, rebound and ride height
    Adjustable aluminum rearsets
    Spiegler steel brake lines front and rear
    EBC Extreme Pro brake pads
    Pirelli Diablo Superbike tires, good for another 2-3 track days
    Two Bros exhaust (Stock exhaust included as well)
    Crash bobbins
    Swing Arm Spools
    Carbon fiber tank protector (real carbon fiber, not a sticker)
    Clip-on handlebars plus D-Tracker handlebars (clip-ons aren't allowed in R2M supernaked series)


    Wheels are stock but have been stripped-

    Very well maintained- oil and filter changed after every track session. Valve clearances recently checked and in spec. Coolant flushed about 9 months ago. Believe it or not, never crashed! (Well, there was that minor collision at Kaeng Krachan, but the bike didn't go down and didn't suffer any damage) :lol:

    The bike has a very nice custom paint job from the previous owner and still has a plate and a green book, so can be converted back for street use. Here's what it looked like before:


    As the bike is currently not road legal I'm reluctant to let it out for test rides on public roads, but if someone is genuinely interested I can bring it to a local track (BIRA or Bonanza or Thailand Circuit) or convert it back to street spec update the road tax and renew the basic insurance so that you can take it for a spin. If I don't know you I will request a deposit before I allow the bike out for a test ride.

    I'm the second owner. Previous owner had raised the seat with extra foam. I went the opposite route and lowered it-

    I don't have the Givi screen anymore, but all the other stock parts that you see in the pictures are still in my possession. Reckon I could convert the bike back to street spec in about a day.

    Asking 180k Baht or near offer. Take off 10k baht if you don't want the Powercommander V and Autotune

    Give me a ring at 0868052274 or email at Tony at Asianconnection71 dot com

    Let the Good Times ROLL!


    ps. just remembered, I also have the following extra tires:

    Two (2) Brand new in plastic Pirellie Diablo Superbike rear race slicks. Showpow sells these for around 6xxx Baht. I'd take any reasonable offer.
    One (1) Brand new in plastic Pirellie Diablo Superbike front race slick. Showpow sells these for around 5xxx Baht. I'd take any reasonable offer.

  2. Good luck with the sale. We are going in opposite directions you to dirt and me to the track.....your bike looks nice!!!
  3. Thanks mate!

    I haven't given up on track and still have the K5, which, to be honest, still scares the crap out of me on the track, but is wicked fun.

    To date I'm no faster at BIRA on the 180Hp K5 than I am on the piddly ~75hp ER6... Minute 14 seconds is my best time on both bikes. Go figure, huh? :think:

    Hope to catch up wit you for a few laps one of these fine days!
  4. Tony, me thinks you should get the ER6N back to road condition, should be then easier to find a buyer but that is just my own opinion. Not too many track-guys out there, especially with the lack of proper tracks anywhere. Good on you to have kept the original paint scheme as this makes this bike look very good. Good luck with the sale, cheers, Franz
  5. Cheers Franz,

    I think you are right- the market for track bikes is pretty small and while I've had a lot of looks, so far no serious inquiries, so I'll take your advice and put the bike back to road spec, renew the tax and insurance and give it another try. Anyway, even with a plate, you can still take it to the track ;)

    I miss track...

    Happy Trails!

  6. Quick update,

    Recognizing that there probably aren't that many people looking for a track bike I've gone ahead and put the bike back to street spec and have renewed the road tax and insurance.


    Price now reduced to 165k Baht. Taxed and insured through April 2014. The tires are race slicks, so NOT road legal, not that anyone in Thailand cares. I have some Diablo Supercorsas that are probably still good for a couple thousand km that I'll throw in for free.

    The top quality custom paint job on this bike is in great shape-


    Less than 11k km on the clock (but I did do some track days with the gauge disconnected so actual mileage is a wee bit higher than shown)-

    Without plate above, with plate below:

    Ready to ride- fresh oil and filter, brand new air filter, new brake fluid, plenty of life left on the EBC Extreme Pro pads.

    Genuine carbon fiber tank cover (not a sticker)-

    There is a rather deep scratch in the upper right hand side of the headlight- It was there when I bought the bike. It's hard to see in the pics, but it's there-

    Happy Trails!

    Tony 0868052274
  7. SOLD! :happy1:

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