Escape from Christmas

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  1. With an overload of Jingle Bells approaching, it was time to escape to the North. I had seen good reviews of Viang Yanok on the lake in Ching Saen so that became the destination of choice. Leaving late due to a party the previous evening, we broke my usual 'avoid the main roads' rule and opted for a straight run up the 118 on past Chiang Rai and swung a right on the 1016. We arrived in good time

    &nbsand we were not disappointed. Beautifully appointed rooms, managed and run by Ian and Khun Vassana on a friendly personal basis. Great place to take the misses.
    We were greeted by Ian, a classic bike enthusiast, on Christmas day on his old BSA which started a fun filled and well fed day.

    We spent some time poking around Chiang Saen, a lovely town steeped with history on the Mekong.

    The main temple, Chedi Luang is pretty special and as we discovered, quite progressive. There was a pickup parked next to the temple with big speakers playing music

    The music player was about same vintage as Ian's Triumph, as was the music being played

    On Boxing day we were heading off to Doi Mae Salong and Ian came along for the ride on his wonderful old Thunderbird. This was a huge bonus for us as he took us along some wonderful little roads running south and west of Chiang Saen

    I dont know the road numbers as I was lost and was just following the Thunderbird and its wonderful rumble, enjoying the roads and scenery but probably the R4004 joining the R 2111. Stopped off at this little temple in the middle of nowhere along the way where some monks had decided, for whatever reason, to make camp

    Our route took us momentarily up the R1 until we swung left into the R 1149 and along the Thai Burmese boarder. What a wonderful road


    it runs along the boarder up hills and down dales passing the ant trails which the Burmese use to enter Thailand

    and eventually comes to the Thai army camp


    with the Burmese camp on the other side

    As with everywhere we stopped, the Thunderbird was the center of attention and deservedly so

    Photo op with the guardians of the boarder. Good blokes they were too

    The views along the way are spectacular eventually coming to R4032 just south of Thoed Thai



    A mandatory stop at Sweet Mae Salong for coffee and cakes which we could'nt wait for as they were so busy and Ian had to start heading back to Chiang Saen

    so a quick hello to Somboon , Vitoon and family at Little Home and Ian was on his way

    This is a great days ride if you are in those parts. Many thanks to Ian for leading the way and what a pleasure to be in the company of the fine old Triumph Thunderbird. Very reminiscent for me as this was the first bike I owned all those years ago.
  2. Great Photos and looked like Beautiful weather! I still haven't made it to Viang Yanok yet but it is on My list of places to Stay! That Old Rolling Stones Record would be a Collectors Item Now! Classic Bikes and Music!
  3. No better way to spend Christmas than in the company of someone so generous with his time & so enthusiastic to show you around.
    Belated CHEERS.

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