esri plans to release new map version 10.1

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  1. Garmin Thailand announced that the new version of Thailand Street Map (TSM version 10.1) is schedule to be released in early April.
  2. I guess the total MB has not become any smaller. Meaning I cannot use it for my Gramin 256, correct?

  3. sorry PICO, I believe it's going to be bigger file. I hope there will be some extra data :p . And I guess that it will be the same file format.
    But.... let's wait until the release day (not known exactly yet).
  4. I just received an email from Gadgettrend saying that TSM 10.1 will be available from them on Monday the 5th.
  5. funny; i got an e-mail (30 March) from Big Brother (esri) saying that i should not make any announcements before the release date. hm, it just must be one of these things :p
    Anyway, the new map is due on 7 April.
    I will post later some more details regarding the update.
  6. General description of some changes in the new map:
    "Add new images of Junction View (for compatible devices only); (850 junctions with 3,400 images for day and night mode)
    Update POIs (Point-of-Interest) and road data for the whole country (over 530,000 POIs)
    Add the exits in Highway Mode for major roads and highways (for compatible devices only)
    Add Land Info for Bangkok and its perimeters as navigation aid (for compatible devices only)
    Update telephone numbers (130,000 numbers)"
    File size:
    128 MB approximately for map in Thai
    115 MB approximately for map in English
  7. Mauris. how much for the upgrade. i already have version 9 in my garmin nuvi 310. also how much for a handlebar mount for the 310. thanks allan
  8. Allan, apologies for late replay.
    It's much faster to get me through direct e-mail: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email], [email [email protected]][email protected]th[/email]
    The price of the update directly from ESRI is 450 THB. Up to now there is no extra charge from the older versions. You can update by yourself when you register with them at the
    My staff would charge additional 200 THB to do so :/ (650 THB).
    Handlebar mount for nuvi 310 - I'm afraid there is no original mount from Garmin, but there are some smart mounts from RAM:

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