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  1. In only 1 hour I had the following paperwork done at the office in Nong Hoy in Chiang Mai:

    -pay insurance for 1 year (Polobo) = THB 605
    -have my bike tested = THB 60
    -pay tax for 1 year = THB 101
    -changed my Bangkok plate for a Chiang Mai plate = THB 25. I have to wait for a month for this.

    What papers did I need to change the plates ?
    - 1 copy of all the relevant pages in my passport
    - 1 copy of all the relevant pages in my work permit
    - 2 copies of all the relevant pages in my registration book

    Not bad, right ?

  2. Hey Hans

    Not sure what insurance you paid.

    1. Normal cost for the required 3rd party insurance is 645 baht/year. Did you pay just for a partial year?

    2. As far as I know, they do not sell insurance at that governmentoffice. When I was there a few weeks ago to pay the road tax on a bike, the lady at the counter asked me to write out an explanation in English about insurance - stating that they did not sell it there, and that you needed to have the 3rd party insurance purchased elsewhere, as well as provide them with a copy. Did you get it at some nearby insurance company? If so, where is that office?

  3. You are right about the amount, itis for 17 Feb until 24 Jan next year. The lady at the desk was very helpful (speaking Thai is an advantage in these cases) and brought me to the counter where I paid for my insurance. (Thai Development Insurance Company Limited) This is actually in the same building.
  4. Thanks Hans

    The lady at the counter was having problems with people that did not speak Thai, or had nobody to interpret. They were coming in with 1st class insurance papers, not understanding that they had to show proof of 3rd class insurance to pay the road tax.

    She never mentioned that there was an insurance company in the same building, but I always had my insurance before going.

    BTW, some general info about the inspection for other readers. After a bike has been registered for 5 years, it must be inspected before paying the road tax.

    There is an inspection station next to the motorcycle office. Go out the driveway, turn left, and it is the next building - just after the small soi. They check lights, horn, exhaust emission level and noise level. The report gets turned in when you pay the tax.


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