Exploring new trails near Mae On (Route 1229 > 1230 > Dirt ride > 1317)

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  1. Counter-clockwise loop with some single track. This is a pretty cool find so close to Chiang Mai.

    Still staying local with the Lifan 200 I decided to explore some new territory just off my pre-explored territory.
    My goal was to ride a trail down to a village road and also to link up two villages, the first name unknown, the second, Ban Kunta.
    Capt Slash had trailblazed from Ban Kunta northward, but I wanted to connect to his starting point from the southern village.




    You can see from the image above I ALMOST made the connection. It was looking pretty gnarly on that trail and I was on the Lifan, so I did not want to commit...but now I wish I had.

    Trail starts on the dirt portion of the 1230 before you get to the Viewpoint.
    N18.77609 E099.28970
    Take a right here:

    It starts off as double track but that soon starts to disappear. Sorry, there are no photos at the bottom as I was busy dragging the bike around!





    I turned around and headed up past the viewpoint to the turnoff to village #1 (N18.78909 E099.29595)
    The ride into the lower village has sections of dirt and sections of concrete.



    In the village I take a left at this little intersection (N18.78607 E099.33282)

    A few hundred meters up the road is the start of the dirt section. This is where I was hoping to find a new trail between the villages. I start the trek...


    It starts off as double-track, but narrows down to single-track in sections.




    Some of the ruts are pretty deep, and hidden by the leaves






    And this is where you exit in Ban Kunta!!! (N18.79733 E099.34647)


    At the road I take a right and not very far away I see the dirt trail heading north again into the mountains.
    See Slash's report here:

    I follow that trail up to the concrete section of the road



    This is the intersection with the road. I take a left to head back through village #3 and to the 1230. I believe this is where Slash took a right and headed toward Chae Hom. I'll do that one another time.


    A rest area along the way

    Nice twisty bits



    This is where you exit onto the 1230 (looking back at exit route)
  2. Good stuff! Lovely to have such fantastic roads right at your doorstep! How's the lifan holding up? I've never seen that model on the road before. Is the seat stock? It looks a lot more comfortable than the stock seat on my KLX! How do you like this bike so far?
  3. Tony,

    How are you brother?

    The Lifan has had its growing pains, but then again I am a new rider (dirt and street) AND I am actually doing some off-road riding with it!
    More about that later, but I am updating my repairs/issues on the Lifan thread here.

    I had the seat fabricated by a locally-renowned seat guru here in Chiang Mai. It is a lot more comfortable than the stock seat, but I wish I had "flattened" it out a bit as my family jewels tend to get a little scrunched at times. TMI, I know! Ehh, it forces me to stand a bit more and get a little real exercise.

    For the price I would recommend it. It is great for local rides, but I have thoughts about taking it on longer journeys due to lack of service shops and max speed being 100km or so.

    When are you getting out of the urban sprawl and really test out the KLX???

  4. Cheers! Great to see people getting out and about!

    I've been busy with work and only been getting out for occasional fternoon sessions on the KLX but am looking forward to taking it on some longer adventures soon! Rumors of a Laos tour in April!

    Hope to catch up with you for a ride some day!

    Kudos again for a most excellent ride report!

    Happy Trails!

  5. Great stuff JB. Good to see someone else out & about. Thanks again for the contribution.

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