Exploring the 3058 in Chiang Rai province near Khun Chae National Park

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    While riding southbound on the 118/Chiang Rai Road I had seen this sign multiple times and thought I would explore this road and maybe have lunch at the Retreat:

    Kevin (fishenough) and I headed up there today. We met at my house and took a nice leisurely route to the 118 North past the San Kampaeng Hot Springs and followed the canal road.

    The turnoff for the 3058 is just past the Khun Chae National Park Headquarters (We stopped here but could not find any riding trails). Look for the Orchid Butterfly sign and take a right. (19.108494,99.454783)

    The road looks recently repaved and has some nice twists as well as some great views.

    Unfortunately the Orchid Butterfly restaurant was closed. We met the owner who told us, sadly, that she will probably be closing for good. So sad.

    Here is a view from a slight detour

    This is literally "the end of the road". The 3058 ends and you are left with this trail. I had previously researched the area on googlemaps and thought it might connect with another road on the other side of the ridge-line. Kevin and I go exploring.

    The top of this ridge is the Chiang Rai / Lampang border. Here you are squeezed between Khun Chae Nat'l Park and Chae Son Nat'l Park.

    It is all hillside trails at this point

    I got "caught looking" in some freshly tilled earth


    The Man. The Legend.

    My camera, my camera skills, and the smoke in the air cannot do justice to sights like this. This tree was magnificent in the distance.

    And the view heading back out toward the 118

    It's too bad this road dead-ends as I found it a nice ride.

    PS - One of the maps shows a trail heading over to the other side. Has anyone been over this ridge line? :?
    I placed two yellow pushpins where there are roads on the Lampang side of the hill.
  2. Hi
    Just came across your thread. In March Me and my partner Janice, were on that very road that goes past "Orchid Butterfly" and met that very same lady - Coo.
    Judging by the smoke in your pics you might have been there around the same time?
    Anyhow Coo let us take a look around the place and we ended up doing a deal to reopen the place in October this year.
    We are renaming it "Shambhala" - Janice is into meditation and yoga etc. Me less so.... I prefer taking a bike out.
    On our last visit to finalise things I rented a bike a rode up there and that was a good day.

    I think our place might be in a good location for bikers...do you agree?
    So if you venture back that way from October drop in and stay a while. Are you in Thailand?

    Cheers. Pete aka shambhala!
  3. Wow, that is great news! I love that location as there are not many, if any, tourists around. I wish you the best! I will definitely come stay. I live in Chiang Mai. Please send me your mobile via private message. I would appreciate it. Will you be running a restaurant?

    For the dirt riders it is a great spot as you can come over the mountain from Lampang Province north of Hua Mueang near 19.022768,99.486165. That valley does not seem to be traveled much as it "dead ends" in the north...unless you know the trail. It is a nice route for those who are growing tired of the 118.

    Take care! JB

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