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  1. Have discovered that the headlighs on my bike doesnt feel sufficient when riding on
    dark thai highways. So I wonder if there is any shops that sells and mount a decent pair of extra headlights. They must make a good difference compared to the OEM headlights. Preferably Chiang Mai area, but an other places are ok too.

    Dont tell me I have to order from abroad.....

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Lots of shops can add spotlight setups.. I am 99% sure they were in CNX Moto (lamphun Rd) and would think Burning will have them too.,.
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  4. OK so trying again.. The quick version this time.

    CNX Moto (Lamphun Rd just before 89 plaza) had some spotlight setups they could do.. I would imagine Burning shop also have them.
  5. Thanks for the reply LivinLOS.

    I found a facebooksite of a shop called "CNX Motogear". Could that be the one you refer to? I dont know the 89 plaza, is it far from Nawarat bridge?
  6. 89 Plaza is on the 1006 which runs parallel to the river and it is several km past Nawarat. It is after the road passes under that airport highway Hwy 1141. It is on RHS other side of road from 89 Plaza
  7. Why not just install brighter bulbs?
    Not sure what your bike takes but standard H4 or H7 bulbs are common in both cars and bikes and can be had at Daeng's shops in 100W and above

    In my Versys I have a 80W ?? low beam and 100W high beam. I worry about melting the plastic with the 100 high but it is not on for long and no problem so far.
    IIRC the stock rating is 50 and 55W, so this is a huge difference. Make sure it is aimed correctly!!

    Or additional lights + the more powerful bulbs?
  8. Thanks for the answer. I have redirected my "brain GPS" now.....LOL....
  9. Thanks for the answer. And thanks for this idea. The bulbs in my Lama is H7. I did however fit (or had fitted to more precise, when the bike was in the garage for a service) some lightbulbs that were supposed to be better than the standard ones a few months back. Cant exactly remember manufacting company and details a about these bulbs though, but they didnt seem all that good to me in practical use. The low beam bulb I had to change twice after that so the longevity wasnt much to boast sbout and low beam actually feels more adequate right now. The long beam does not give adequate lights at all for the moment.

    But I will give it a try. Its a lot cheaper and easier to install after all than additional lights.

    Where is Daengs shop by the way?
  10. Daeng or Somchit has 2 shops and the easiest one to find is on the road from the superhighway to Airport Plaza. A small side road on the L just before the junction overpass

    Can someone give him GPS coordinates?

    These are standard Osram/Phillips bulbs so the life should be fine. He has a big selection in various outputs and both 12 and 24V so make sure you get the correct ones

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