F1 track in Buriram

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  1. What an odd location, some ~400km from Bangkok...
  2. Let's hope he has the bevy of Japanese porn actresses come over for the opening ceremony, that he had for his football team a few months ago. :)
  3. When Bernie Ecclestone approved a Formula 1 race for Thailand, the stipulation was it MUST be held on a street circuit. As the article says, I guess a new track could be approved for F3, etc. It could possibly host an F1 event the future after the Bangkok street race turns out to be a disaster.
  4. All just promo nonsense.

    He's planning to add a racetrack to his local (Buriram) sporting and property businesses.

    There will never, ever, ever be an F1 race in Buriram. :)
  5. I was talking to a mate of mine a couple of weeks ago, who works for Mr Ecclestone, and he has been told that there will definitely be an F1 race in Thailand and it will be a night race on a street circuit.
  6. I would love to see F1 cars colliding with rogue Tuk Tuks , soi dogs and all the potholes illegal sleeping policemen ,on the bangkok street track ,,,,,,,,no F1 car is capable of beating Thai bus drivers in a race .
  7. :p

    Great to get such official info, a fiend of a guy on the internet was supposedly told something.

  8. Yes, the F1 street circuit in Bangkok, originally slated for 2014, but pushed back to 2015, has been confirmed-

    [h=1]F1 Adds Bangkok Race to 2015 Schedule[/h]


    It wouldn't be the first time F1 cars have been on the streets of Bangkok. There was an F1 demo back in 2010 that was good fun-


    I still think a F1 track in Buriram is nothing but a pipe dream though.
  9. A friend of a guy down the pub who knows someone who walks his dog past his house who knows the sister of the guy who delivers Bernie Ecclestone's neighbours milk said that yes, it'll be a street F1 night race...... in Bulilum. Bernie Ecclestones gardner, who knows the neighbour who has milk delivered by etc etc etc has been to Pattaya and fell under the spell of an Issan shaman's daughters cousin has been extolling the wonders of Bulilum: Mr Ecclestone has been for a secret recce posing as a Thai Love Links customer looking for Miss Right who turned out to be an under age katoey who then introduced our Bernie to said Issan Black Magician...... job done.

    Why is it so hard for you guys to believe in F1 coming to Bulilum?

  10. Well said .. I like it ....... nice one Martin :)
  11. :lol-sign: Brilliant!!!
  12. Well I for one hope he is rich and crazy enough to build it as Buriram is less than two hours from my place and I would love to have a place to go run some laps. Cross your fingers!
  13. I fully concur with Martin, yet apparently surely there are some Thai's crazy enough to be drawn to the _dream_ of having an F-1 track.
    But, have they really considered the cost benefit??
    A number of tracks have been built and thus far have been big money losers. Tracks in China, Korea and India have been financial black holes.
    Comparatively few Thais could afford the exorbitant cost of race tickets. An F-1 race track would help Thai tourism once a year, but only
    to a very minor extent.

    Consider how much it costs to build a track, or the million$ to set up an annual F-1 street race, such as in Singapore.
    And, these are major costs incurred after you've lined billionaire Bernie Ecclestone’s pockets, upfront, with the $170-million license fee.

    Yep, an F-1 race in Thailand would be an absolute fool's folly....yet TIT ;-)
  14. CDRW is spot on there are now more F1 tracks in the world than available dates to host races , the only benefit is to bernie and his cronies , the race teams cant cope with all the extra races and costs many tracks will never recoup the investment .

    My mia Noi has an inside line to Bernies thoughts through a Pal in the Bamboo night club , she is having a torrid affair over the internet with bernies personal trainer and its certain that another F1 track will be built alongside the planned nuclear power plant on the navy firing ranges at sattahip due to the execellent infrastructure , local international airport at U-Tapao and wonderful pattaya nightlife only 15kms away .
  15. They can build a track in Buriram and CALL IT a Formula 1 track, but that does not mean it is actually going to host a F1 race. As I posted above, Bernie Ecclestone was adamant when negotiating the BKK event that it MUST be a street race.

    Newin may plan (or dream) all he wants, but an F1 on a closed track isn't even under consideration by anyone that matters. Also, the proposed F1 race has, to my understanding, been approved in principal, but final contracts are yet to be signed. Currently it has been approved by the Sports Minister, but some articles state it may need approval of the BKK Governor and possibly be put to a vote of the people. Good luck with that! Even with Red Bull and Singh paying a share, the government being responsible for 60% seems like a total waste of money.

    The article clearly states
    I interpret that to mean he will start with a smaller track (F3). Later, it could be upgraded to an F1 facility.

    That said; my sources are only from what I have read in news articles and press releases. Nothing as reliable as some of the sources stated above. ;)
  16. a street race in bkk - great idea... by 2015 that whole Red Bull incident will be forgotten too, they hope....
  17. Newin now constructing Buriram Circuit
    Kanittha Pantong
    The Nation


    Costing at least Bt2 billion, the German-designed project will stage top world racing events and include an auto test centre

    BURIRAM: -- Throughout his political career, Newin Chidchob has been able to make headlines.

    Now, the president of Buriram United is in the headlines once again, this time after announcing the construction of the Buriram International Circuit, which will cost at least Bt2 billion.

    However, interest in this project does not lie only with the construction of the circuit. During a press conference held at the i-Mobile Thunder Castle stadium belonging to Buriram United, Newin announced that the complex would not only serve motor racing purposes, but would also include an auto and auto-parts testing centre.

    "If I build only the circuit, it will cater only to motorsports. But Thailand is known as the 'Detroit of Asia' and is the centre for automobile as well as auto-parts production in this region. I can visualise the opportunity of building a testing centre along with this circuit," he said.

    "Each year automobile and auto-parts companies spend a great deal of money sending their products for testing to Japan and many other countries. I think it's time that I use this opportunity to make it happen in Thailand as we prepare for the AEC (Asean Economic Community) that will take off in the near future," he added.

    According to Newin, the exact amount of investment is still unknown, but it would cost at least Bt2 billion since it has to include various systems and technologies needed for automotive testing.

    "If we have to invest in construction of a wind tunnel, testing tracks and laboratories, I will do it in order to have the equipment necessary for complete testing. However, the total budget may not reach Bt10 billion because today advancements mean that they may not have to be as costly as in the past - it depends on management. In the meantime, our working group must study how far we can go, and whether the project is worth the investment. But what we see today is that it is worthwhile and we will have foreign partners who will be responsible for 40 per cent of the total investment, while the rest will come from our family and partners in Thailand. We are confident of reaching the break-even point within five years of the official opening," Newin revealed.

    The automotive testing centre will be built alongside the circuit.The project is expected to be completed in less than two years from now.

    "The investment is targeted at turning Buriram into the country's top 5 tourist and sports destinations that is able to attract both local and foreign tourists," he added.

    Important racing events will be staged at the circuit, and Buriram - as well as Thailand - is expected to get a considerable boost within the first five years. Newin said that as many as 1 million people are expected to visit and use the Buriram circuit.

    "This will bring about as much as 300 per cent GDP growth for Buriram," he reckoned.

    Newin said that apart from being a football fan, he is also a motorsport lover, especially motorcycle racing. However, there are no circuits in Thailand that are able to cater to world-class events, and this led him to decide to construct the new racing circuit.

    Newin said he started talking with people who have knowledge in this area and searched for sponsors. He also contacted the world's No 1 circuit designer, Herman Tilke, who has designed many of the globe's top circuits, such as the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dabi, the Bahrain International Circuit and Spain's Catalunya Circuit.

    "In terms of the circuit, the cost is approximately Bt2 billion [including Tilke's fee], which will come from sponsors and friends. The circuit will be built on a 796-rai plot of land behind the i-Mobile stadium. What I want to see most is for the Buriram International Circuit to become Asean's No 1 circuit that is certified by the FIA [Federation International de I'Automobile] and the FIM [Federation International de Motocyclisme], which are the governing bodies for automobile and motorcycle racing, and the main highlight is that spectators can see the whole circuit from the grandstand. The tickets must also be cheaper than other circuits in the world," he said, adding that the circuit will be capable of staging Moto GP, Superbike, Formula 3 or World Series events.

    Newin expects that the circuit will be completed and ready for use by October 4 next year.


    The Buriram United boss has made it clear that there are no plans to use this circuit for Fomula 1 racing "since it is not worthwhile". There are 40 Formula 1 circuits in the world, but only 19 are used each season, he pointed out.

    "Although I think that when we do something we should go the fullest and even though I am crazy about F1, I am not stupid enough to organise the race because it is not worth the investment. I must also bear in mind my partners. For me, F1 is just something that Thais would want to see once in their lifetime. Another thing is that these days Formula 1 is adopting more and more street circuits, and large circuits are no longer required. So I will not invest in something that is not worth the investment.

    "Meanwhile, the organisers of many events have approached us to use the circuit, but I have not given them any answers. I want the construction to be completed with FIA and FIM certification first before moving ahead with staging events," Newin clarified.


    "The Buriram International Circuit will become the most complete racing circuit," project director Danaisiri Charnwittayarom said.

    "We have already signed a contract for the design and development of the circuit, and have appointed the adviser for the construction. We chose Mr Tilke as he has vast experience in designing circuits for Formula 1 as well as Moto GP. He has designed more than 60 circuits around the world, 15 of which host Formula 1 races. One of our requirements is that you should be able to see the whole circuit from the grandstand," he said.

    The Buriram Circuit will be the only circuit in Thailand to receive FIA Category 2 certification, which means that it will be able to host F3, GT1, GT2 and GT3 events. It is also expected to be approved by the FIM for staging Moto GP or Superbike World Championship events.

    "We will continue to work with Tilke GmbH & Co in order to attract major events as much

    as possible. In addition, the facility will be able to cater to the Thai auto industry, and in future we can serve the whole Asean auto industry by having an integrated testing service for automobiles, motorcycles and other products relating to the automobile sector," he said.

    The Buriram Circuit has a track length of approximately 4 kilometres with 16 corners and is a modern high-speed circuit that is suitable for racing vehicles, Danaisiri said, adding that it has a capacity for 50,000 spectators.

    While Buriram hadn't in the past been a major city for tourism or sports, serving only as a "pass-through" city, Newin has turned it into a major attraction, first with the football stadium and now moving on into motorsports and the auto industry.

    -- The Nation 2013-03-08
  18. Wow, Certainly Sounds Impressive! Wish it was going in Chiang Mai!
  19. yeh it looks great and looks promising.I couldnt care if its an f1 track or not im more interested in a decent track in thailand to go and thrash our bikes around with a bunch of like minded mates.bring it on
  20. I too hope it turns out to be a decent track. Just a shame it's so far from EVERYTHING... Definitely not a track for day trips, but oh well, c'est la vie! :happy1:

    Wonder how they can possibly make a profit on it... As I understand it most tracks in Thailand are money pits...
  21. yeh i know what ya sayin.looks like i may have to get a van or a trailer or something and make it a proper trip or rent a garage there with a bunch of us.What a prick of a spot.I personally cant see him making any money out of it but maybe he doesnt care.Greg
  22. The design and development is done by Mr Tilke from Germany who had experiences over 60 world class circuits designing projects; of which, have been used for F1 and Moto GP under his belt.

    Choui Fong Tea.
  23. Yippee -- at long last it will be worthwhile living in the middle of nowhere in Buriram

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