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  1. I don't like Thaivisa.com

    Will stick to guidance

    What about pictures not related to motorbikes, but from Thailand?
  2. If it's related to what you see & do riding your bike around it is ok, but if you need to worry about about it & have to ask, then it's better not to clutter up the forum = dont. Stick to the bike stuff.
  3. I understand that my question seems suspicious, but I only asked because I wanted to be correct and because I know that I don't always understand what actually is correct in a certain new environment without guidance. I've not been on this forum for long and I don't know any of you guy personally yet.

    I've seen lots of pictures with T-shirts which made clear reference to sexual stuff and pictures of things not directly related to motorbiking. Then I tried to pots a very funny picture I took in Krabi (similar in style to some posted here) to see what happens .... and got scolded.

    Anyhow, the reason for following this forum is to get hold of useful information on motorbiking in Thailand.

  4. Vicious guard dog in Pua.

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